September 2012 archive

Critical that Democrats vote in November

It is absolutely critical that Democrats vote in November. Michelle Obama made a personal plea to all Democrats to pledge to vote. National pundits are plain spoken – “This is going to be a voter turnout election.” What I’m asking you to do today is to help us out. We need to make sure that …

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Newsletter – September 2012

The newsletter for September 2012 has been posted.  You can view it here:  2012-09-September

Prentice earns multiple recognitions and new appointment Legislator eases into retirement

When a new 11th District senator is sworn in on Jan. 14, it will signal the end of Sen. Margarita Prentice’s nearly 25-year legislative career.  The esteemed matriarch is currently the oldest legislator and will retire at the age of 81. In recent weeks, several organizations have recognized her significant efforts on their behalf: The …

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Want to keep election officials from blocking your vote? There’s an app for that! This fall, restrictive new voting laws in more than a dozen states could keep millions of people from exercising their constitutional right to vote. ID and birth certificate requirements, restrictions on early voting, and shutdowns on election day registration happen to affect non-rich, non-white, non-middle-aged, non-male voters most. This flurry of regulatory activity could …

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E-board meeting delayed

The e-board meeting for September has been delayed until 9/11.  Our chair (and some members) are at the DNC in Charlotte watching the President talk tonight.