June 2017 archive

Robin Guevarra has passed away

It is with great sadness that we are relaying the news that Robin Guevarra has passed away.  She passed away on Monday.  Robin was a long-term member of this district. I joined up about 9 years ago and she was a very active member of the district for a long time. She, and her husband, …

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11th LD endorsements (6/20/2017)

The 11th LD Democrats issued the following endorsements on June 20th, 2017. Judges WA Appeals Court – David Mann (Dst.#1, Pos.#5) (endorsed) King County Executive – Dow Constantine (endorsed, unanimous) Sheriff  – John Urquhart (endorsed) Council Dave Upthegrove (Pos.#5) (endorsed, unanimous) Denice Carnahan (Pos.#9) (endorsed) Port Commission John Persak (Pos.#4) (endorsed) Preeti Shridhar (Pos.#4) (endorsed) …

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