Advertising Guidelines


The 11th Legislative District Democrats is now offering advertising for Democratic causes, Democratic candidates, certain Non-Partisan candidates & campaigns,  and local businesses on our website and in our monthly newsletter.  This is a great way to get in touch with our readers and viewers.


These rates are for hosting the advertisements only.  We do not offer advertising design services.

Web Page / Newsletter, 200×300 pixels:  $25/month 

Endorsed candidates / campaigns

The 11th LD Democrats has a formal endorsements process.  Unendorsed candidates and campaigns may pay to have their ads featured on our web site / newsletter until our endorsements meeting for this election.  After that point, if a candidate or campaign did not receive our organization’s endorsement, we will pull the advertisement.  No refunds will be given.


Web Info

Our web advertisement space is a 200×300 pixel (portrait orientation) image file.  These image files can embed a hyperlink to another webpage (such as a campaign page).




Our advertisements are non-exclusive.  We will offer as many slots for advertising as our site will allow.  The advertisements on the website will randomly change.  We will only allow one ad per campaign / business at a time.

For example, if 3 people buy ads for August, a specific ad has a 1/3 chance of showing up when a user loads the web page.  If 2 people buy ads for August, a user has a 1/2 chance of seeing the ad when they load the webpage.

The advertisements on the newsletter do not have this restriction.  They will all show up.


Web Page

Website advertisements will be on the left side of our webpage.  Ads will rotate randomly for the visitors.



Submitting an advertisement

  1. Submit your ad (electronically only) to
    1. For website ads, the advertisement must be in a 200×300 pixel format (portrait orientation) and in JPEG, GIF, PNG, or PDF format.
    2. In your email, include the following information:

i.      Your name

ii.      Your phone number

iii.      PDC-required information (Address, employer, employer city, etc), if applicable

iv.      If you’re an organization or business, include the business name, address, contact information.

v.      Submit a URL for the ad to direct to, if someone clicks on the ad.

vi.      What dates would you like the ad to run?

vii.      If this is a business, what does your business do?  If this is for a cause, what is your cause?

  1. Your advertisement proposal will then be reviewed by our organization.  Please expect between 2-4 days of turnaround time.
  2. If your advertisement is approved, payment will be requested.  Payment should be made electronically via our payment page:
  3. Your approved advertisement will then be submitted to our site and it could go online between 1-3 days from this point.


We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement.  We also reserve the right to remove any posted advertisement.


  • We will not accept attack advertisements.
  • We will not tolerate slander / libel
  • We will not tolerate untrue ads
  • We will accept ads from Democrats, Democratic causes, certain Non-Partisan candidates & campaigns, and local businesses.
  • Your ad must look reasonably pleasing to the eye.  If it is not, we’ll make suggestions on how to improve it before we post it.
  • Your advertisement must contain material you own.  Do not use someone else’s copyrighted material without their permission.  If you are using licensed clip-art, images, or video, be prepared to show us your licensing agreement.
  • We will only accept one ad per campaign / business / organization at a time.

If we decide to remove your ad prematurely

We reserve the remove any posted advertisement.  Generally, if your campaign or group does something embarrassing or reprehensible, we will consider removing your advertisement.  We will notify you that the advertisement will be taken down.

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