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Letter accompanying resolutions sent to congressmembers

Representative Adam Smith 2209 Pacific Ave, Suite B Tacoma, Washington 98402 Dear Representative Smith: Enclosed find two resolutions passed by the 11th Legislative District Democrats protesting proposed cuts in Social Security Administration funding and elimination of Medicare in favor of vouchers.

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News from Congressman Adam Smith

For those of you in the 9th Congressional District part of the 11th LD: Smith Supports Access to Healthcare With the passage of the budget following extensive negotiations, disagreements over access to healthcare continue to be a sticking point in the House of Representatives. Following a vote on the budget, the House took up two …

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Resolution Against the Privatization of Medicare – Updated

The resolution has been updated.  You can find the new copy here:  2011-5-2 Resolution against Medicare privatization

What Planned Parenthood Actually Does…

From the Washington Post (Ezra Klein): With Planned Parenthood being either the major obstacle to a budget deal or one of the major obstacles to a budget deal, it’s worth taking a minute explaining what they do — and what they don’t do. As you can see in the chart atop this post, abortion services …

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March 2011 – General Meeting Summary

This month’s topics were: Cindy Cole and John Repp spoke to us on the condition of the State Bank Of Washington Approval of the 2011 budget for the district Presentation of a resolution by Gabriela Quintana Presentation of a resolution by John Fox Ivan Weiss on King County Democrats voter outreach Joe McDermott talking about …

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Representatives Hudgins and Van De Wege talk about Prescription Drug Waste

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