11th LD General Membership Monthly Meeting

Please join us for our February general meeting.  Seattle Councilman Richard Conlin will update us on the issues before the Council, the priorities for the Council, and the upcoming 2011 budget process.  A speaker from Planned Parenthood will discuss the upcoming issues in the State Legislature.  Also, Oscar Eason, from the Northwest NAACP, will discuss Black History Month.

Newsletter – February 2011

The newsletter for February 2011 has been posted.  View it here:  2011_02_February

Ways to keep in touch

We now have an official LinkedIn group!  Visit us here .  In addition to being on LinkedIn, you can follow us via the interface at the bottom of the page.  Follow us via:

New website

The new 11th Legislative District Democrats (of Washington State) website is now live!

LAC Action Day

LAC Action / Lobby Day in Olympia

The meeting place is the Senate Rules Committee meeting room at 11 AM. There will be a box lunch (fee $20) and speakers will probable include Gov Gregoire, Speaker Chopp, and Senate Majority Leader Brown.

Washington State Democrats Annual Crab Feed & Grassroots Training

For details or to register, go here:  http://www.actblue.com/page/crabfeed

Special guests: Governor Chris Gregoire, Congressman Jay Inslee, and dozens of Democratic Elected Officials.
Grassroots Training 10:00am—4:00pm ($15—includes lunch)
Crab Feed 5:00pm ($50 per person – $10 children 12 and under)

A feast of Crab, Salmon, and Clams with a Vegetarian main dish and multiple side dishes

KCDCC Monthly Meeting

Monthly meeting of the KCDCC

Martha Koester, our new Chair

Congrats to Martha Koester, who was elected the new Chair of the 11th LD Democrats in January’s general meeting.


11th LD Caucus 2008

This is an old set from the Obama vs. Clinton election.  These were at the 11th LD Caucus in 2008.

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11th LD Caucus 2010

Photos from the last Democratic 11th Legislative District Caucus in 2010.

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February E-Board Meeting

11th LD Executive Board Meeting

Alene Brede

Alene Brede Expresses Sincere Thank You for 11th LD’s Recent Fundraising Efforts

Alene’s Breast Cancer Fundraiser was a huge success.  Alene has expressed sincere gratitude for the tremendous support she has received from the 11th LD.  While it is true that Alene’s condition was just advanced to Stage IV, she is very excited that she just received tentative approval to participate in a clinical trial for PARP Inhibitors, a new treatment for women with Triple Negative Breast Cancer at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Care Alliance.

Newsletter – January 2011

The newsletter for January 2011 has been posted.

Click on the link to view it:  2011_01_January

Newsletter – Archive 2010

The newsletter archive for 2010 is up.  Click on one of the links to view the newsletter:

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Newsletter – Archive 2009

The newsletter archive for 2009 is up.  Click on one of the links to view the newsletter:

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