Social Security – Why It’s Not Broke and How We Can Expand It – A free public forum

7pm, Monday, February 23rd

Joe Crump Hall, UFCW 21

5030 1st Avenue South, #200

Seattle, WA



Here’s the event flyer: altman kingson event flyer

State Committee Report – January 2015

I gave a presentation to the 11th membership about the Washington State Democrats Central Committee Meeting for January 2015.  Here’s the presentation:

Washington State Democrats Crab Feed and Grassroots Forum – Feb 16 2015



UPDATE: Governor Inslee, Rep. DelBene, Rep. Heck, Rep. Kilmer, State Senator Jayapal, and State Rep. Gregory will be speakers at the 2015 Crab Feed

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From Governor Jay Inslee


11th LD Reorganization Results

The 11th LD Democrats has their reorganization meeting tonight. Here are the new officers:

Chair: Rick Polintan
Vice Chair: Marvin Rosete
Secretary: Jim Flynn
Treasurer: Bill Taylor
KCDCC Male: David Fleetwood
KCDCC Female: Jenny Becker
KCDCC Male Alt: Bill Taylor
KCDCC Female Alt: Emily Willoughby
State Committeeman: Robert Kangas
State Committeewoman: Kate Kruller

KCDCC & 11th LD Reorganization Meetings

Dear Precinct Committee Officer:

Congratulations on your election as a Democratic Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) for the 2015-2016 term and thank you for signing on to the most important position in the Democratic Party. Two of your first opportunities will be to elect the leadership of the King County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC) and of your own Legislative District organization.

The King County re-organization meeting will be on:

Saturday, December 6, 2014

King County Democratic Central Committee Reorganization
8:30 am registration — 9:00 am call to order
Aerospace Machinists Union Hall
9125 15th Place S, Seattle, WA

Please help us by pre-registering for this online.

Your district, the 11th Legislative District will be having its reorganization meeting on:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
7:00 PM call to order

Renton Carpenters Hall
231 Burnett Avenue North, Renton, WA

The proposed agenda and rules for the KCDCC reorganization are posted on our website, as are the proposed agenda and rules for the individual LD reorganization meetings.

Each of the District meetings will be convened by either the new King County Chair or his/her designated appointee, who will preside until the election of your next District chair, provide for the sign-in of your district’s PCOs, and make any necessary customizations to your meeting agenda (since not every District has the same set of officers to elect).

Re-organizations are a great opportunity to meet and greet other PCOs, Party members and leaders, and our elected officials. Aside from the usual cascade of local elections, the upcoming term will see elections for all of our state-wide offices and an open US Presidential caucus. We will need to hit the ground running.

Let’s Build, Let’s Grow, Let’s WIN
Yours in service,

Karl de Jong

11th LD Holiday Party – Tuesday December 9th @ 6:30pm

Hey 11th LD members! It’s the holiday season, so our annual holiday party is upon us. We’ll be doing this at Jack’s BBQ in SODO. This is a fine restaurant in the 11th.

You’re all invited. Appetizers will be provided. We’re not charging for this event, but we:

  1. Strongly encourage you to have a good time
  2. Patronize the restaurant by ordering drinks / something beyond the appetizer course
  3. Please give the 11th a donation:
  4. Please renew your membership with the 11th.

Thanks and we hope to see you there!

Jack’s BBQ is located at:

3924 Airport Way South, Seattle

The event will be from 6:30-9pm-ish.

General Meeting Agenda – Tuesday, November 18th 2014

11th LD Democrats Agenda – 11/18/2014

  • 7:00 Call to order / Pledge of Allegiance
  • 7:05 Approval of October minutes (link: 10-21-14 General_Minutes) & agenda
  • 7:10 Candidates for King County Democrats Chair. Candidates for Chair of KCDCC – 5 minutes per candidate, includes Q&A
    • Rich Erwin
    • Betsy Walker
  • 7:20 City Bank Resolution – Martha Koester (link: Resolution for a Seattle City Bank for 11th LD.doc)
  • 7:35 Reports from our representatives:
    • Senator Bob Hasegawa
    • Representative Steve Bergquist (tentative)
    • Congressman Adam Smith’s Office – Rebecca Bryant
  • 8:00 11th LD Reports
    • Treasurer’s Report – Rick Polintan
    • KCDCC Report – Bill Taylor
    • LAC – Gordon Glasgow
  • 8:25      Good of the Order
  • 8:40      Adjourn



The meeting is on Tuesday, November 18th at 7pm.  Renton Carpenters Hall, 231 Burnett Ave N, Renton.


PS: I know the calendar feed on the right is broken. It’s temporary and out of my control: “Google took version 2 of the GCal API offline, which breaks all calendar feed displays.” The company that wrote the plugin is working on it.

October 2014 Endorsements

The 11th LD Democrats have endorsed the following measures at our October 21, 2014 meeting:

Progressive Voter’s Guide

Looking for more information on the items / candidates on the ballot?  Here’s a great resource that shows what’s on the ballot for the 11th LD:


October General Meeting

Hey all, our October general membership meeting is upon us.  Here are the major items:


The meeting is on Tuesday, October 21st at 7pm.  Renton Carpenters Hall, 231 Burnett Ave N, Renton.


General Meeting- 9/16/2014 – Endorsements

General Membership meeting: 9/16/2014 at 7pm
Location: 231 Burnett Ave N, Renton WA


Dear 11th LD,

On Tuesday, we are entertaining the endorsement of City of Seattle ballot measure Proposition 1 Numbers 1A and 1B – regarding Pre-K instruction/programs.

In this post, you’ll find information from King County elections (below) and from each campaign (attached).  I’m sending this to you in advance of our meeting so that you may take time to educate yourself on both propositions.

We will break the measure into its two parts: the first to decide if we support  either measure should be enacted into law; the second to decide which one(s), if either, we support.

We will hear from both sides, have the opportunity for members to speak for and against each proposal, and then vote.  2/3 of those present and voting will be required to pass.  If neither Prop 1A or Prop 1B receives 2/3, we will entertain a dual endorsement.  If the dual does not receive 2/3, we will not take a position on the measure.


INFORMATION from King County Elections

Simple Majority as to the first question; if first question is approved, then the option with the most votes as to second question (Seattle City Charter, article IV)

Proposition 1A (submitted by Initiative Petition No. 107) and Proposition 1B (alternative proposed by the City Council and Mayor) concern early learning programs and providers of such services for children.

Proposition 1A (Initiative 107) would establish a $15 minimum wage for childcare workers (phased in over three years for employers with under 250 employees); seek to reduce childcare costs to 10% or less of family income; prohibit violent felons from providing professional childcare; require enhanced training and certification through a training institute; create a workforce board and establish a fund to help providers meet standards; and hire an organization to facilitate communication between the City and childcare workers.

As an alternative, the Seattle City Council and Mayor have proposed Proposition 1B (Ordinance 124509), which would fund the four-year initial phase of a City early learning program with the goal of developing a widely-available, affordable, licensed, and voluntary preschool option.

The Ordinance requires support, training and certification for teachers.

The program uses research-based strategies, includes evaluation of results, and provides tuition support. This proposition authorizes regular property taxes above RCW 84.55 limits, allowing additional 2015 collection of up to $14,566,630 (approximately 11¢ per $1,000 assessed value), totaling $58,266,518 over four years.

  1. Should either of these measures be enacted into law?



  1. Regardless of whether you voted yes or no above, if one of these measures is enacted, which one should it be?

Proposition 1A

Proposition 1B


See you on Tuesday!

Holly Krejci, Chair

11th Legislative District Democrats



Link: Proposition 1B Handout (1)

Patty Murray Event

Wednesday, August 20

5:30 to 7:00 pm

At The Home of Zan Brookshire & Bert Green

250 39th Ave. E Seattle, WA

RSVP online at:

$1000 Co-host, $500 Sponsor, $250 Friend, $150 Guest

Contact: Seamus McKeon (206) 328-2969 |

patty murray August 20 2014 Invitation

11th LD Dems Endorsements – Primary 2014

11th LD Dems Endorsements – Primary 2014

  • State Rep 11th LD
    • Zack Hudgins
    • Steve Bergquist
  • State Rep 30th LD
    • Shari Song
  • State Rep 37th LD
    • Sharon Tamiko Santos
  • US Congress
    • Congressional District 7: Jim McDermott
    • Congressional District 8: Jason Richie
    • Congressional District 9: Adam Smith
  • Judges
    • Supreme Court
      • Mary Yu
      • Mary Fairhurst
      • Debra Stephens
    • King County
      • West District Court, Position 1: Johanna Bender
      • West District Court, Position 2: Mark Chow
      • West District Court, Position 5: Anne Harper
      • Southeast District Court, Position 6: Matt Williams
    • Seattle Municipal
      • Position 2: Kimi Kondo
      • Position 6: Karen Donohue
      • Position 7: Fred Bonner / Damon Shadid (Dual)
  • Ballot Measures
    • City of Seattle Proposition 1: Seattle Parks District: YES

11th LD Summer Social!


11th’s summer social event – Bowling and Banter!  Don’t want to bowl?  That’s ok.  Bring your favorite topics and hash ’em out with your fellow Dems.  Light refreshments provided.  7:00 pm, Tuesday, July 15th, 2014.

100 Andover Park West, Tukwila, WA 98188