Want to be a Delegate?

Now is the time for you to decide if you want to represent your community at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee this August. Both the Republican and the Democratic Parties have chosen their nominees, but the National Convention is a chance to formalize that choice, to write the national platform, and for organizers and activists from across the country to meet and strategize. As a national delegate, you would be an active participant in a world-historical event at the center of national media attention and American political power.

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Why would I want to be a delegate?

Becoming a delegate for your candidate at the National Convention of your party is a high honor. If you were a delegate, your community would be entrusting you to represent not only their choice for president, but also their views and values. This is a critical job as the Party makes fateful decisions about its course for the upcoming four years.

If this chance to represent your neighbors isn’t enough to catch your attention, know that as a delegate you will have a direct impact not only on the national political conversation, but also directly on the decisions that the Party makes. You will also get the chance to advance your personal career and experience by networking with other delegates and dignitaries at the National Convention. Imagine the chance to sit in the crowd as the Party’s candidate for president makes their impassioned acceptance speech in front of party and country.

I’m convinced. How can I become a delegate?

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The process of becoming a delegate to the Democratic National Convention starts right now. You have until April 24 to register at waelectioncenter.com to run for delegate at your legislative district caucus. What is a legislative district caucus? It is the forum at which the delegates to the congressional district (CD) caucuses are chosen. Usually, voters from across your legislative district would gather to elect these delegates, but in 2020, legislative district caucus voters are limited to the PCOs of the legislative district. (Interested in becoming a PCO? Stay tuned and check back to 11thLDdems.org.)

If you get elected at the legislative district caucus (chances might be good!), you will get the chance to go to the congressional district caucus. There, you will run to represent your congressional district at the National Convention. Two steps and you’re done!

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If at the congressional district caucus you aren’t elected, you still have the chance to run to be an at-large delegate at the State Convention. The State Convention will also be the place where those elected at the legislative district caucus get to vote on the Washington State Democratic Party platform and other Party decisions.

Are you ready?

Good luck! We know you’d make a great delegate and representative of the Party. If you have any questions, let the 11th LD Dems answer them. Go to our contact page, follow us on social media, or send us an email.