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Why Are Charter Schools Advocates Spending Heavily on a Candidate Who Says She Doesn’t Support Charter Schools?

From the SLOG: We kinda liked Stephanie Bowman at our 11th Legislative District SECB interview, but gave our endorsement to Rob Holland for a number of reasons, not the least of which being our unease over Bowman’s endorsement by charter schools advocate Stand for Children. Bowman told us she opposed charter schools. But in politics, money tends to …

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Bezos Family Funds Four PACs in Charter Schools Shell Game

At first it was a bit remarkable to see four separate charter school PACs—Stand for Children WA PAC, Democrats for Education Reform WA PAC, Revising the Status Quo PAC, and Education Voters Political Action Fund—all spending money in a handful of Seattle area legislative primaries. Remarkable, that is, until I peeked behind the PDC curtain and pretty …

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NYC Teacher Evaluation Data Show Charter Schools Perform No Better Than Public

The blue markers represent NYC’s traditional public schools, while the red and yellow markers represent charter schools, with the chart plotting the average change in English Language Arts (ELA) scores (0 being the 50th percentile) from the end-of-year 4th grade tests (x-axis) to the end of 5th grade, the first year of middle school. Read Gary …

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Diane Ravitch on Charter Schools

Below is an introduction to why Democrats oppose charter schools. The attrition rate for KIPP, the “successful” franchise that is being pushed hard by Stand for Schools and the League of Education Voters, is 30% per year in grades 6, 7 and 8, with the rate for African American males being 40% per year. This …

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Resolution – Charter Schools

This resolution on charter schools will be considered at the 1/17/2012 meeting.  We will consider suspending the rules because this is posted with such short notice.  Here’s the resolution:  2012-1 charter schools

Commitment to Better & Best: Washington’s Public Schools

Renton Community Foundation’s “Maxwell Fund for Youth & Families” invites you to: COMMITMENT TO BETTER & BEST: WASHINGTON’S PUBLIC SCHOOLS Presented by Bill Daggett, Ed.D, nationally recognized educator, speaker, and CEO of the International Center for Leadership in Education.  Dr. Daggett knows – our state’s education system, federal education mandates, current issues and trends – and he will share what all students …

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