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Jun 04

Neighbors Aim To Improve Broadband in Underserved Neighborhoods

I don’t often get on my soapbox and use my position as webmaster to advocate for tech issues, but this is one you should be concerned about.  Seattle has a pretty terrible broadband internet issue that other major cities seem to lack.  The city is divided up into various franchise areas where the cable companies …

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Oct 11

Elections and Smartphones

With more and more people using Smartphones, there’s a powerful new app that can let them use their Smartphones to navigate through the voting  process. Key partners of our Campus Election Engagement Project, like Rock the Vote and the Lawyers Committee on Civil Rights, have been working on it for close to two years. It’s …

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Jan 19


A friend posted a pretty awesome commentary on what to do about horrible laws like SOPA, long-term.  Yesterday’s protest was great for raising awareness and getting Congress to back down, but unless we do something drastic, this kind of legislation will just be back year after year. Take a look and let’s do something to …

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Mar 02

Broadband… a Democratic issue?

I hope you don’t mind that I’m taking a little bit of time (and space) to talk about a technology issue. As a newer member of the 11th LD, I can honestly say technology issues aren’t usually mentioned a whole lot. Nevertheless, there are technology issues that certainly affect our society. Look at what happened …

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