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Oct 14

Newsletter – October 2013

The newsletter for October 2013 has been posted to the archive. You can view it here: 2013-10-October

Jul 15

Newsletter – July 2013

The archive of the July 2013 newsletter has been posted here: 2013-07-July

Jun 20

Newsletter – June 2013

I know it’s a little late, but here’s the archive of the June 2013 newsletter.  Sorry, I was on vacation. 2013-06-June

May 14

Newsletter – May 2013

The archive of the May 2013 newsletter has been posted.  You can find it here:  2013-05-May

Apr 14

Newsletter – April 2013

Just in case you missed the newsletter email, here’s the archive version of the April 2013 newsletter. 2013-04-April

Mar 19

Newsletter – March 2013

You should have received the March 2013 newsletter already, but here it is for the archive, in case you missed it. 2013-03-March

Mar 08

Zack Hudgins Newsletter – March 2013

In case you didn’t get it, State Rep. Zack Hudgins sent out his newsletter.  You can find a PDF version of it here (sorry about the conversion from the email): zackhudgins_newsletter_march2013

Feb 11

Newsletter – February 2013

The newsletter for February 2013 has been sent out and archived.  You can view the archived newsletter here: 2013-02-February

Dec 23

Newsletter – December 2012 / January 2013

Our latest newsletter has been posted.  You can view it here.  2013-1-January Happy holidays everybody!

Nov 16

Newsletter – November 2012

The November Newsletter has been posted.  You can view it here:  2012-11-November Please join us for our Holiday Party on December 4th!  We’ll be honoring retiring Senator Margarita Prentice.

Oct 11

Newsletter – October 2012

The October 2012 newsletter is now available.  You can view it here:  2012-10-October

Sep 14

Newsletter – September 2012

The newsletter for September 2012 has been posted.  You can view it here:  2012-09-September

Aug 10

Newsletter – August 2012

The newsletter for August 2012 has been posted.  Read it here:  2012-08-August Also,there’s no monthly meeting in August, just the summer BBQ.  We hope to see you there!

Jun 11

Newsletter – June 2012

The newsletter for June 2012 has been posted.  You can find it here:  2012-06-June

May 08

Newsletter – May 2012

The newsletter for May 2012 has been posted.  You can find it here: 2012-05-May

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