Executive Board

 ChairBenton Coblentzchair@11thlddems.org
Vice ChairJasmine Inesvicechair@11thlddems.org
Secretary(vacant) secretary@11thlddems.org
WSDCC – FemaleKate Kruller 11demsscw@gmail.com
WSDCC – Non-BinaryWinter Cashman
KCDCC – FemaleCarmen Rivera  
KCDCC – Female Alt.(vacant)
KCDCC – MaleTyrone Grandison  
KCDCC – Male Alt.  
PCO Coordinator  
ParliamentarianDavid Fleetwood  
ex officioEmily Willoughby  
 ex officio Rick Polintan  
ex officio George Summers   

Elections for KCDCC Alternate, Secretary, and Treasurer are to be held in February 2021.

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