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A Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) is the most grassroots elected official in Washington State, and they’re probably the most critical. PCOs represent and organize their neighborhoods. You have a few hundred constituents at most, Your job is to educate you neighbors, but also to educate yourself about the issues your neighbors care about and the challenges they face.

This is a job you can do PCOs need a whole variety of skills, and no one person has them all. Which is exactly why we need PCOs from all different backgrounds and why we 11th LD Dems work together to move our whole 11th LD community in the right direction.

Take a look at the resources below and become a PCO in the 11th LD! PCOs are elected once every two years, but you can be appointed any time in between – and if you already have a PCO in your neighborhood, you can fill a vacant position nearby!

Resources for PCOs

  Find My District at King County Elections

  Not yet a PCO?  Get appointed!

  PCO Handbook from Washington State Democrats (also in Spanish)

  Already a PCO? Sign Up for Votebuilder Access

  View this quick rundown of Votebuilder from King County Democrats

  Get access to the BPI Victory Vault from the DNC

  Or sign up for Votebuilder 101 from National Democratic Training Committee

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