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January / February 2015 Meeting Minutes

Here are the draft minutes for our January & February meetings.  We will vote to approve these at the general membership meeting on 3/17/2015. January: 01-20-2015 minutes February: 02-17-2015 minutes

General meeting minutes draft, 6/18/2013

The minutes from the June 18th, 2013 meeting are posted for your review / approval at the 7/16 meeting.  The minutes are here: 11th LD General Meeting 06182013 draft

February General Meeting Minutes

The General Meeting Minutes from the February 2013 meeting have been posted.  You can view them here: 11th LD Democrat GM Minutes February 2013

Reorganization & GM Minutes, January 15th 2013

The minutes from the Reorganization & General Meeting on January 15th 2013 have been posted.  You can view them here:  11th LD Democrats Re-Org and GM Minutes, Jan 15, 2013