Bob Hasegawa on state bank conference call 6PM Thursday

JOIN US for the LIVE Webcast Conference call on the State Bank Movement with some of its Rising Stars!
TODAY! Thursday, March 24, 6-7pm (Pacific)

Thursday March 24 at 6pm (Pacific), Backbone Campaign will host a webcast conference call on the issue of State Banks featuring Rep. Bob Hasegawa, (WA), Jared Gardner of Oregonians for a State Bank, and Web of Debt author Ellen Brown of (CA). RSVP right now.

Ever since speaking with author Ellen Brown last year I have been curious about State Banks and their potential to be part of a viable alternative financial system. When combined with establishing or strengthening credit unions and community banks, appropriate taxation of (or dismantling of) the giant Wall Street banks, auditing and/or federalizing the Federal Reserve – this idea begins to make “Moving Our Money” – including our tax dollars – a much more realistic and powerful call to action.

“The current interest in financial reform has prompted a number of legislators and political candidates to explore the idea of state-run banks.

The Bank of North Dakota (BND) is the country’s only state-run bank. Opened in 1919 with $2 million in capital, the Bank originally intended to help farmers by increasing access to farm loans. Today the bank operates with more than $270 million in capital operates primarily as a banker’s bank, as a secondary mortgage market, and as a provider of agricultural, small business, and until July 1 2010, student loans.

Perhaps what has prompted the strongest push for other state banks has been the success with which BND has survived the economic downturn. The Bank of North Dakota earned a record profit last year, and even contributed $30 million of its profits back to the North Dakota General Fund.” (From the Center for State Innovation)

So, I called the WA State Treasure’s office last week to ask about their opposition to the WA State Bank legislation offered by Rep. Bob Hasegawa. His staff pointed me to Treasurer McIntyre’s blog which actually quoted the Pres. of the Bank of North Dakota deflecting credit for that state’s unique fiscal health.

We’ll ask our guests to explain the idea of establishing a State Bank; speak to the necessary steps for doing so; and share with us strategies for moving forward. I’ll also ask them analyze Treasurer McIntyre’s position, as he would certainly be a key ally to move this idea forward in our State.

Below are links to a variety of articles, including an in depth analysis by the Center for State Innovation that recommends the State Bank as a positive economic tool. So RSVP right now (see below)

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Three ways to participate:

1. CONFERENCE CALL: First, RSVP by email with “State Banks” in the subject line, so we can reserve a spot for you on the call and send you instructions for cueing up for “on air” questions in the chatroom. At the time of call, dial 1-(218) 339-4300, follow prompts and enter access code 1037729 followed by #.


2. WEB RADIO: Go to Voice of Vashon and see “click here to listen” at the top right corner. To ask questions while you listen, you will need to RSVP for a password and log in at the live chat.


3. Email:
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