National Debt by President

While discussing things like our nation’s yearly budget and the debt ceiling, it’s important to put things into perspective.  The party that built up most of our National Debt is now the party that’s screaming that we cannot raise the debt ceiling.  Take a look.

National Debt By President



  1. Very interesting interpretation. This graph really does put things in a different perspective. If this information is 100% correct then more people should be aware of it. You can’t argue with numbers!

    1. I saw this information presented last year by the Washington Post too. It was a more detailed breakdown of the presidents, the programs they were responsible for, and the impact on the debt. It all adds up.

      The fact that George W. Bush enacted massive tax cuts was a huge hit to our deficit. He told us that dropping taxes would encourage growth in the economy and net us tons of new jobs… that never really happened. I think we should have detailed and reasonable conversations to take us back to the tax levels during Ronald Reagan’s era.

      Also, the fact that George W took us into two wars was also another huge hit.

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