Peaceful Rally for Justice

Please join Ndns for Justice in exercising its free speech having leaders from the American Indian community and their allies who ARE NOT AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT FOR JUSTICE. Emcee is Ravenspeaker; and Host Drum is Sacred Water Canoe Family. Co-sponsored by United Indians of All Tribes Foundation and AFSC Indian Arts and Crafts Committee.

WHAT: Peaceful Rally for Justice (Part II)
WHEN: Saturday, April 23, 2011
TIME: 1:00 – 4:00 pm
WHERE: Indian Park (Victor Steinbrueck Park) by Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA
WHO: Ndns for Justice
WHY: Support US DOJ’s Investigation

Ndns for Justice invites you to its second rally for justice in the wake of the Department of Justice’s announcement to move forward with a two-part investigation. This two-part investigation includes: 1) a civil rights investigation of whether there is pattern and practice using excessive force and discrimination against people of color by the Seattle Police Department (SPD); and, 2) a criminal investigation of whether the woodcarver John T. Williams’ civil rights were violated when his fundamental liberty right to life was taken when he was shot four times by a SPD Officer last August.

Ndns for Justice had its first peaceful rally for justice on Saturday, February 19, 2011, along with a carve-in to honor the life of John T. Williams, a talented seventh generation Ditidaht First Nations woodcarver from Vancouver Island, BC. Rick Williams, the brother of the beloved John T. Williams, will speak about the John T. Williams Memorial Totem Pole Project accompanied by his attorney, Connie Sue Manos Martin and her husband, who is a long time friend of the Williams family.

Ndns for Justice will speak on its Tribal Resolution Initiative endorsed by the Northwest Indian Bar Association and the Washington State Bar Association’s Indian Law Section. The Indian Bar and Ndns for Justice encourages Sovereign Tribes and Nations to adopt a resolution supporting the Department’s investigation. The resolution requests the Department to undertake a thorough and evenhanded investigation not influenced by the status of the subjects of the investigation. The resolution also requests the City of Seattle take real and substantial steps immediately regarding documented problems of police misconduct towards Ndns and other people of color. Speakers will address the immediate steps for the SPD to take.

Ndns for Justice is a non-profit created under Washington State Law, “To peacefully work toward effecting justice for American Indians who are denied their civil rights based on their race or religion.”

TO VOLUNTEER: Contact Janice Brown at 206-446-8941 or Visit our Website at; See us on Facebook at our Ndns for Justice Page.

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