2011 Endorsements

11th District Democrats
Election Candidate Endorsements as of September 21, 2011

The following candidates were endorsed by the body of the 11th Legislative District Democrats at our regular monthly meetings.  Candidates not endorsed are not listed.  The minimum required to endorse is two-thirds of those participating and present during the vote of the individual candidate.  If a candidate is crossed out, then they didn’t survive the primary election.

Early endorsements are reserved those incumbents seeking re-election of their office and have been previously endorsed by the 11th Legislative District Democrats.  Incumbent candidates must have requested early endorsement or will be endorsed during the 11th Legislative District’s regular candidate endorsement process after King County’s Primary Candidate filing deadline.  Date of early endorsement is listed by the month it was acquired.

Unanimous or Endorsement by Acclamation is where the candidate was approved with the general consensus of the body with no opposition.  These are considered the highest forms of endorsement by the 11th Legislative District showing the utmost confidence of a Democratic party candidate.

King County
Lloyd Hara, King County Assessor, Incumbent, Early Endorsed (April 2011)
Joe McDermott, King County Council, Position 8, Incumbent, Endorsed by Acclamation
Diana Toledo, King County Council, Position 8, Endorsed

City of Renton
Robin Jones, Position 5, Endorsed

Port of Seattle
Gael Tarlton, Position 2, Incumbent, Early Endorsed (May 2011)
Dean Willard, Position 5, Endorsed by acclamation

City of Kent
Bailey Stober, Kent City Council, Position 1, Endorsed

City of SeaTac
Barry Ladenburg, Position 1, Endorsed by acclamation
Mia Su-Ling Gregerson, Position 7, Incumbent, Endorsed by acclamation

City of Seattle
Jean Godden, Position 1, Incumbent, Early Endorsed (May 2011)
Maurice Claussen, Position 1, Endorsed
Bobby Forsch, Position 1, Endorsed
Bruce Harrell, Position 3, Incumbent, Early Endorsed, (April 2011)
Tom Rasmussen, Position 5, Incumbent, Early Endorsed (May 2011)
Tim Burgess, Position 7, Incumbent, Endorsed
Sally Clark, Position 9, Incumbent, Early Endorsed (May 2011)
Referendum 1, Endorsed

City of Tukwila
Pam Linder, Mayor, Endorsed (Unanimous)
Kate Kruller, Position 7, Endorsed (Unanimous)
Abshir Mahamed, Position 4, Endorsed

Dr. Mary Alice Heuschel Hospital, District 1 Commissioner, Endorsed
Liz Giba, North Highline Fire District Commissioner, Endorsed (Unanimous)

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