Elwha River Restoration

Larry Grubb and Jim Flynn took a visit to the Elwha River Dam this week.  They made a Youtube video of the experience.


From Jim:

Hi all, Larry Grubb took me to the Elwha River Dam yesterday, setting up a grassroots event for the 11th LD Dems Org.  I made a short YouTube video, http://youtu.be/mcyRTSipZuw , just for fun.  There is some fantastic info available at http://nps.gov/olym or you can see a really good video, five minutes,  at Elwha River Restoration on Facebook.  Evan Escamilla, evan_escamilla@partner.nps.gov tells me that due to a huge number of people expected, only ticketed dignitaries will be able to visit the dam on the 17th.  Olympic Nat Park  expects 10K visitors for each of three days with lots of celebration in Port Angeles.  They (Nat Parks Service) are thinking about setting up tents on the pier with all Saturday related entertainment and education events in P.A. and connected to the dam with Closed Circuit.  .  The people I talked to from PA city gov directed me to Nat Parks, like it is out of city  hands.  I set up a hospitality suite at the Red Lion in Port Angeles for Friday afternoon Sept 16th and all day Saturday Sept 17th Six Power House Operators from the Dept of Land Reclamation will lose jobs by the end of month.  I understand they will be able to transfer to a different location.  The Operator I talked to was from PA and had a really good attitude about it(See Last Lonely in my video). If you need more info or know a dignitary who needs a ticket contact Evan Escamilla, 360 565 2985 or Barb Maynes, Public Affairs Officer, Olympic National Park in PA, barb_maynes@nps.gov 360 565-3005   Regards, Jim Flynn

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