The demise of Social Security?

A note from Carol Anne Maiers, PCO 33rd LD–

Ric Edelman, an investment adv. on 1090 AM this morning was raving with glee that this Father’s Day will be remembered as the demise of SS.  In addition 2 wks ago he stated that the younger generation will not need college educations, so don’t plan funds for them. The jobs that will be available will not need degrees.  As 1090 AM is a progressive station we don’t need someone supporting and commending these ideas. I would like to suggest a movement to the station to drop the Edelman show.  I plan to email and call the station with my complaint.  Suppose there will be those that oppose with all sorts of rants.  Yes I believe in freedom of speech and truth in  speech and recognize the relationship between truth and opinions.  I am just saying.

Tell them that this is NOT acceptable!

KPTK 1090 AM
1000 Dexter Ave N
Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98109

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