Donating to aid organizations in Somolia

Thinking about donating to an aid organization in Somolia?  Read this, from Abshir Mahamed:

There are many aid organizations, but the vast majority have bloated administration and overhead which reduce the actually dollar amount of aid reaching the individual in need of food aid. Some estimates go as far as saying that “only 25 to 27 cents of every dollar reach the refugee” Iman- UNICEF Ambassador. I would recommend donating to the local  aid organization in Mogadishu. One example is SAACID, a organization founded in Mogadishu in 1990 by local Somali Women. They are a 501 c-3 Non profit and are well know ( recently aired on Al-Jazeera). there website is

I would also recommend donating directly to UNICEF and bypassing the ngo’s all together.

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