Where to Go to Party on Election Night

The Slog posted some good info if you want to schmooze with the candidates tonight:

Tunnel Referendum/Proposition 1
Protect Seattle Now (Reject): Havana, 6:00 PM
Let’s Move Forward (Approve): Miners Landing, 6:00 PM

City Council Position 1
Jean Godden: Fare Start, 7:00 PM
Bobby Forch: Rob Roy, 7:00 PM
Maurice Classen: Great Nabob, 6:00 PM
Michael Taylor-Judd:
 Attending Protect Seattle Now’s party at Havana.

City Council Position 9
Sally Clark: Doing whatever everyone else is doing.

King County Council District 8
Joe McDermott: Beveridge Place Pub, 8:00 PM

King County Council District 6
Jane Hague: didn’t return our calls, as usual.
Patsy Bonincontri: Party pooper.
Richard Mitchell: Crossroads Grill, 7:30 PM
John Creighton: George’s Place, 7:00 PM

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