October 2011 archive

Larry Grubb

It is with great sadness that I’m announcing the death of Larry Grubb.  Kate Kruller said some wonderful stuff about him earlier, so I’ll just leave you with that: Larry has been such an energizer for so many good things we’ve experienced together at the 11th LD,  Mick Kelly’s, our annual picnics (including holding the …

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WA Infrastructure Financing Task Force Update

From Bob Hasegawa: I wanted to update folks on my state bank listserv with the latest news from the taskforce.  We are having another task force meeting tomorrow in Olympia at 9:00 am in Senate Conference Rooms A, B, C. You can find the agenda for the meeting here on our website.  Remember, if you …

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Washington State Commission on African American Affairs appoints new Executive Director – Ed Prince

Washington State Commission on African American Affairs appoints new Executive Director. http://www.caa.wa.gov/ From the Commission Website: “It is our pleasure and that of the board to announce that Edward O. Prince will be joining the Commission on African American Affairs on October 3, 2011 in the position of Executive Director.  Please join us and the board …

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Phonebanking for Kate Kruller

The Teamsters are hosting a phonebank session for Kate Kruller’s campaign for Tukwila City Council. We need all the help we can get. We will be calling all Union members in Tukwila from the Union’s list. Even if it’s only for an hour, please help. The Teamsters are providing the training, phones, scripts. No experience …

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The Future of Transportation by Jim Flynn

People born during WW II have seen rapid response to changes in technology.  For example, electric clothes dryers, television, transistors, Programmable Controllers, Mobile Phones, Robotics, CDs, PCs, Flash Drives, iPads, BioMed and a plethora of hardware and

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Alene Brede

From Martha: I am very sorry to announce the passing of our former webmaster Alene Brede, who has been struggling with breast cancer for a couple of years.  Information about her memorial will be posted on our website.  I first met Alene when I joined the 11th LD Democrats in 2003.  We were assigned the …

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King County Democrats October Newsletter

King County Democrats just posted their newsletter.  It has a pretty big list of events and their endorsements list.  Most of them occur outside of the 11th LD boundaries, but you may be interested in some.  You can view both here:  newsletter

Events list upgrade

I just updated a component of our website (good), but the update process flushed our list of events out of the calendar (bad), but I imported our old events (good).  If you notice anything missing, feel free to contact me:  webmaster@11thlddems.org.

Biofuels resolution

A resolution on biofuels will be discussed at the October general meeting:  2011-7 Biofuels resolution

Newsletter – October 2011

The October 2011 newsletter can be found here: 2011_10-October

Budget Cuts Rapid Response Team

From Anne Martens: We are putting together a media rapid response team to focus on state budget cuts and revenue options. We will create a new email list and will ask people who opt-in to help us respond to news articles and blog posts by writing comments online and writing letters to the editor.

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Phonebanks to defeat Tim Eyman’s I-1125

Fuse is organizing phonebanks to defeat Tim Eyman’s I-1125. As you may have heard, 1125 is Eyman’s latest scheme to paralyze public services and wreck government. It would block Sound Transit’s voter approved light rail project and jeopardize the completion of the new SR 520 bridge and other projects. We need your help to educate …

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It Isn’t Written by Jim Flynn

Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) described a process of reading text called deconstruction.  Part of the procedure maintains, what the wording doesn’t say reveals more about its meaning than what is written.  Jacques’ critics maintain that his philosophy weakens the division between truth and falsehood. When modern journalism is taken into consideration, that distinction between truth and

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Paradigm Shift Needed in WA State Tax Structure by Jim Flynn

Republicans and Democrats agree on one thing, we need a paradigm shift in our state tax structure to avoid the revenue shortfall and budget cuts to education and the social safety net funding disaster we experienced this year.  Still, the electorate is in the dark about sources of revenue for Washington.

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