SeaTac elections

From Stefan Moritz (UniteHere Local 8):

The City of SeaTac is facing a defining city council election and the community needs your help in ensuring victory in the coming days. There is exactly one week left until election day on November 8!

Volunteer with us to GET OUT THE VOTE in SeaTac!

Join us to make phone calls or sign up for a canvassing shift (or two) to talk to voters about sending in their ballots before it’s too late. We are working every day until November 8, and any time you have will make a difference.

Contact us:
(206) 963-3166 or

Stop by our Campaign Office:
19550 International Boulevard, Ste 106,
SeaTac, WA 98188

10am – 8pm (every day until election day)


As many of you know, a team of UNITE HERE Local 8 members has been working extremely hard to spread the word about three wonderful candidates running for SeaTac City Council.

SeaTac is a majority-minority city, and the businesses located there (including at the airport) employ 36,000 people. Mia Gregerson, Barry Ladenburg and Dave Bush want to make SeaTac a better place for all of its communities and workers. Their opponents and their supporters, meanwhile, have resorted to anti-immigrant and anti-worker messages throughout this campaign.

Now, that it is time to vote, you can make a big difference by helping us GET OUT THE VOTE. The higher the turnout in this election, the better our chance of winning.

We have identified thousands of supporters and now we need you to volunteer and make phone calls, canvass neighborhoods, and help us with many other important tasks to ensure that as many voters as possible send in their ballot on time and make their votes count.

I hope to see you soon!


Stefan Moritz

19550 International Blvd, Ste 106
SeaTac WA, 98188
(206) 963-3166

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