Democrats Happy Hour/Mixer

From Elizabeth Walker:

Democratic Legislative District
Happy Hour Mixer at
Amore Infused in Belltown. Let’s
have fun and get to know each other.
All LD’s invited.

Monday January 30th, 4:30pm – 7:00 pm
Amore Infused, 522 Wall St.

I, as the 36th LD Membership Coordinator,
am organizing a happy hour/mixer for all
LDs in our area. The goal is to get members from
multiple LDs together for fun, and give us a chance
to meet and get to know each other. Would
you be willing to post this notice in your newsletter and
on your website? I can’t make it to your next meeting
to make an announcement to your membership, but maybe
someone else could announce it on my behalf?

It is not a fundraiser it is just a mixer. I have chosen to
do it at Amore Infused because the owner is a good Democrat
and a kind soul. Every year he fixes a big Thanksgiving dinner
and opens up his restaurant to feed the homeless. This year he
fed 800 people. Some years it has been up to 1500.

Elizabeth Walter

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