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The King County Democrats LAC meets every month at various convenient locations to discuss, update and answer questions from the attendees. To find LAC meeting times: go to King County Democrats website or email

There are 10 issues of importance to the committee for legislative action. I have selected HB 2793 for starters. This bill aims to create up to 22,000 jobs by funding public capital projects. The bill is currently in the Rules committee for a second reading.

Rep Hans Dunshee (D Snohomish) chairs the Capital Budget Committee and is spearheaded passage. Our own Rep Hasagawa is on the Rules Committee. Rep Dunshee has worked with a broad coalition supporting the basic concept of creating jobs quickly with projects that are shovel ready. Also funded are labs and equipment at community colleges aimed at training unemployed workers.

You ask how is all of this to be paid for? With a price tag of $484.7 million, that’s a good question. Capital projects are normally paid by selling bonds which have to be paid back. Some Federal monies are possible along with matching funding. The author of the bill proposes the bonds be backed by four separate capital budget revenue sources. Please see the details on HB 2793 website.

Jobs Now action is right now! Everyone who wants employment should have the opportunity to find a meaningful job at a decent wage.

Please, contact our representatives now to ask them to move the bill out of the rules committee.

Jeanette Kelley, PCO

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