Endorsements committee interviews

On Wednesday, April 11th, we will be interviewing all six announced candidates for Pos. 1 and 2 for State Representative. (We have already endorsed Bob Hasegawa for State Senate, so there is no need to interview for that position.)

Schedule of interviews:

6:30        Jim Flynn (Pos. 1)

7:00        Rob Holland (Pos. 2)

7:30        Steven Bergquist (Pos. 2)

8:00        Bobby Virk (Pos. 2)

8:30        Zach Hudgins (Pos. 1)

9:00        Stephanie Bowman (Pos. 2)

Candidates are invited to make a short 3 – 4 minute opening statement, then we will move to Q&A with interview committee members.  Committee members are:

  • Roger Pence (Chair)
  • Azziem Underwood
  • David Fleetwood
  • Dian Ferguson
  • Holly Krejci
  • Kathy Nyland
  • Marvin Rosete
  • Robert Kangas
  • Jerri Wood

Committee members are asked to meet at 6:00 for a brief pre-interview discussion.  The interviews will take place at Renton Carpenter’s Hall.  The public may attend, but the committee will be the ones asking the questions.

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