Washington Investment Trust (WIT) Strategy Meeting June 18th

Washington Investment Trust (WIT) Strategy Meeting

When: Monday, June 18th 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Where: Rainier Vista Neighborhood House, Paul Allen Meeting Hall

4410 29th Ave S. Seattle, WA 98108

Directions: http://www.nhwa.org/contactus/location.php?location=2

Who: Anyone interested in creating the WIT

With 44 co-sponsors on HB 2434—Creating the Washington Investment Trust (the most co-sponsors of any bill filed this session, to my knowledge), we were still unable to move the bill out of forward.  However, there was some funding provided in the budget to restructure existing student loan programs and determine if students could benefit from the creation of a new loan program.

Obviously, we have work to do if we want to see the WIT become a reality.  Please come to a strategy meeting to discuss how we should move forward.

Any strategy we adopt will need to be statewide.  If you have contacts in other parts of the state who cannot attend the meeting, I’m happy to schedule something more convenient for them.

-State Rep. Bob Hasegawa


WIT Meeting Agenda

  1. Update on HB 2434 and 2012 session progress
  2. Discussion of building a statewide campaign
  3. Identify current and potential allies
  4. Getting organizational endorsements
  5. Adopting convention resolutions/planks
  6. Building a speakers’ bureau
  7. Framing and targeting our message
  8. Constitutional amendment?
  9. Initiative?
  10. Website?
  11. Implications for upcoming elections
  12. Do we want to formalize the campaign, i.e. file C1, fundraise, hire coordinator, etc.?
  13. Next steps

Questions? Contact:

State Representative Bob Hasegawa

Legislative Assistant Wendy Cho Ripp

District Office: 206-587-5554

Email: bob.hasegawa@leg.wa.gov

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