Bob Hasegawa Election Night Party – 8/7/2012

Bob Hasegawa is having an election night party at his home on Beacon Hill on 8/7/2012:

Tuesday, August 7th from 6:30-9:30pm
3121 16th Ave S., Seattle

(206) 322-4804
From Bob

Friends,The primary election is just over a week away. Soon, ballots will be all-in and we’ll know where we stand in the newly redistricted 11th. Our opponent has been active, and we need to see to it that it’s the Hasegawa campaign that sets the tone for the general election. 

Bob is the right person to represent the 11th District in the Senate.  He’s always been there for the community; election time is our opportunity to make a strong showing of community support for Bob!


So, we are holding a special event to celebrate the solidarity of this campaign. We’re asking your help to raise funds, and generate as much positive energy as possible going into the general election.


Join us on primary election night at Bob’s home on Beacon Hill:


Tuesday, August 7th from 6:30-9:30pm

3121 16th Ave S., Seattle

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We’ll be enjoying food from a local family restaurant, beverages, music, the evening sun and great company – all while monitoring the early poll returns.


This event is sponsored by:Joey & Vera Ing
Velma Veloria
Rep. Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney
Kip Tokuda
Nate Miles
Rogelio Riojas
Eddie Rye
Dan Seydel
Henry Yates
Liz Anderson
Chio Saeteurn
Glenn Gregory
Alma Kern

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