Want to keep election officials from blocking your vote? There’s an app for that!

This fall, restrictive new voting laws in more than a dozen states could keep millions of people from

exercising their constitutional right to vote. ID and birth certificate requirements, restrictions on

early voting, and shutdowns on election day registration happen to affect non-rich, non-white,

non-middle-aged, non-male voters most. This flurry of regulatory activity could confound Jane and John

Q. Public: how are citizens supposed to know whether they need an ID, license plate number, proof of

insurance, blood sample and baptism certificate in order to cast their vote? The answer might be in the



The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law has partnered with a bunch of other voting rights

groups to launch a free downloadable “Election Protection” app that will allow voters to verify their

registration status, fill out a voter registration form, look up their polling place, and access info on

key rules and dates tailored to their state. Users are also prompted to call Election Protection’s

hotline to alert the organization to election day abnormalities or concerns.

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