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President Obama responds to We The People petitions related to gun violence

Newsletter – December 2012 / January 2013

Our latest newsletter has been posted.  You can view it here.  2013-1-January Happy holidays everybody!

Governor Gregoire’s proposed budget For 2013-2015.

The re-org meeting is just a month away. Be a part of our leadership team!

Hello 11th LD Democrats!  As you all know, we’re having our reorganization meeting on January 15th 2013.  Elected PCOs are going to be able to vote, but the positions are open to all members in good standing (you paid your dues for 2012 and at least showed up to one meeting in that year).   We would …

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Candidate meet and greet

The 11th LD will be hosting a candidate forum / meet and greet on Thursday, January 3rd at 7pm.  We encourage our elected PCOs to attend to get to know people the people who are running for leadership spots for the 11th LD Democrats organization.  This meeting is open to all members, but only elected …

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Renew your membership

Hey 11th LD Democrats…  renewals for your memberships are due by February.  Stay current on your membership and help support us!  Here are some options: We are encouraging renewing and new members to pay a small monthly fee: $5 / month:  You are a member and are awesome (includes a second membership) $10 / month: …

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King County Democrats Reorganization 2012

KC Dems Reorg 12/08/2012, a set on Flickr. These photos were taken at the King County Democrats reorganization meeting on 12/08/2012.

King County Democrats

Congrats to Karl de Jong, the new chair of King County Democrats.

Honoring Margarita Prentice

Thanks to everyone who made our holiday party a success! Here are some photos I took tonight:

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Last reminder… I promise! Our holiday party is tonight!

Sorry for all the spam, but you get one last reminder.  Our holiday party is tonight (12/4/2012) Holiday Party From: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Location: Renton Carpenter’s Hall, 231 Burnett Ave North, Renton, WA We hope to see you all there!

Fiscal Cliff: Losing in the court of public opinion

With congressional Republicans and President Obama nowhere near one another when it comes to the ongoing fiscal talks, the likelihood of failure at the end of the month is quite high. Who would the American mainstream hold responsible for the mess? According a newWashington Post-Pew Research Center poll, it’s not a close call. More on Rachel …

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Say thank you to President Clinton

From Chelsea Clinton: My dad is usually the first to say that it’s people like you, working together who create change in the world. And I couldn’t agree more. I also think he deserves a big “thank you” for everything he’s done in the past year – especially the inspiring work that doesn’t make the …

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Save progressive radio in Seattle

It was just announced that AM 1090 will drop progressive talk and switch to an all sports format after the first of the year. Progressive radio listeners in the greater Seattle area are appalled at the prospect of losing the great progressive radio shows hosted by Ed Shultz, Thom Hartmann, Norman Goldman, Randi Rhodes, Stephanie …

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Holiday party reminder… it’s tomorrow!

The holiday party is tomorrow (12/4/2012). Please join us!