Save progressive radio in Seattle

It was just announced that AM 1090 will drop progressive talk and switch to an all sports format after the first of the year.

Progressive radio listeners in the greater Seattle area are appalled at the prospect of losing the great progressive radio shows hosted by Ed Shultz, Thom Hartmann, Norman Goldman, Randi Rhodes, Stephanie Miller and others.

Please join us in letting AM 1090’s advertisers know that we, their customers, want progressive voices be heard! We need AM 1090 to stay progressive… or for another local station to take its place as Seattle’s progressive voice.

That’s why I created a petition on to the advertisers and program director at Seattle AM Radio Station 1090, which says:

Don’t let Seattle lose progressive radio! As a local radio listener, I pledge to support with my dollars any advertiser on any station that chooses to broadcast progressive programming.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.

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