Seattle and King County Launch Gun Buyback Program.

Collectively touting it as “one tool in the toolbox” against gun violence, a collection of Seattle mayors past and present along with King County Executive Dow Constantine, Seattle Police Deputy Chief Nick Metz, Dr. David Fleming of Public Health Seattle & King County, Renee Hopkins of the Seattle Police Foundation and Reverend Aaron Williams of Seattle’s Mount Zion Baptist Church today announced the launch of a Seattle and King County gun buyback program. The effort is part of a larger endeavor aimed at reducing gun violence that’s going under the header “Gun Safety Initiative.”


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With former Seattle mayors Greg Nickels, Norm Rice, Charles Royer and Wes Uhlman acting as co-chairs of the program, the Gun Safety Initiative aims to be an “expression of what our community our believes,” according to McGinn, as well as the “beginning of a dialogue” about guns and what can be done to make our communities safer.

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