Progressive Radio in Seattle Update & Petition, 2-19-13

Subject: Progressive Radio in Seattle Update, 2-19-13

Meeting with a KPTK Insider

Our Progressive Radio in Seattle (PRS) Team had a meeting this past week with a former advertising sales person for KPTK who provided us with some interesting information about the demise of 1090 Progressive Talk.

  • 1090 has been owned by CBS since its inception and was the only progressive talk station owned by CBS in the country.
  •  CBS chose to not spend any money on advertising for KPTK and did minimal guerilla marketing for promotion.
  • When KPOJ in Portland first became a progressive talk station, they spent money on advertising and it did well for the first year.

Please help us build signers on our petition

Our SignOn petition has over 9,100 signers.  We want to build it to over 10,000.  If you know someone who hasn’t signed yet and would be interested in what we are doing, please send them the link: “Don’t Let Seattle Lose Progressive Radio”

When we’re ready, MoveOn will pay for making one set of paper copies for us to deliver.  The plan is to create a media event, if we can find a reporter that wants to cover it.  We can deliver electronic copies of the signers anytime.

Website in progress

A volunteer is helping create a website that will be on a free platform.  We’ll let you know when the site is up and running.

Meeting with Al Gore?

A member of our PRS team met briefly with Al Gore (while he was on his book tour) and shared our plight of losing progressive talk radio in the NW.

Funding a progressive talk station in Seattle

Please let us know if you have any connections or any ideas for who might be interested in investing in progressive talk radio in Seattle.

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