WSDCC Meeting Report – February 3, 2013

WSDCC Meeting  Report – February 3, 2013

By Kate Kruller

11th LD WSDCC State Committee Woman


Every other year (the odd years) the State Party holds its re-organization meeting.  Spirits were very high within the WSDCC membership coming off very successful election results in November.

Everyone is very pleased to have a Democratic President, Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and others State officials, strong victories at the congressional delegate level, retaining a big majority in the state House of Representatives and delivering the democratic vote in  retaining what we could in the state Senate.


Committee Activity:

There are no committee meetings during this one gathering, because appointments need to be held by the incoming State Democratic Chair.  As a result, the party uses this opportunity to hold “open house” meetings where members can learn more about what do.

WSDCC Chair, Dwight Pelz will be making his decision on what state committee members will be appointed to the  Affirmative Action Committee,  Eastern Washington Committee, Rules Committee, Resolutions Committee, Technology Committee, Elections Committee

I served on the Rules Committee for the past two years and have requested an opportunity to be appointed a second time.


WSDCC Membership Meeting- Re-Organization:

As expected, the incumbent officers all retained their positions in uncontested races:  Dwight Pelz, Chair, Valerie Brady Rongey, Vice Chair, Rob Dolin, Secretary and Habib Habib, Treasurer.


All have performed admirably in their respective roles and all were resoundingly re-elected.  At the end of the meeting, WSDCC members went into breakout sessions by Congressional District, to select their Executive Board Representative: I participated in voting onBryan Kesterson for 9th Congressional District Representative



There was a “Temporary Resolutions Committee”  established to address any resolutions proposed that would only be meaningful during the current legislative session underway right now in Olympia.  Sixteen resolutions were considered.  After consolidations, 11 resolutions remained before the body to vote on.   Nine were adopted, and two were not  – as  was recommended by the Temporary Resolution Committee.  The Temporary Resolution Committee tabled one resolution until the next meeting of the Permanent Resolutions Committee at the next WSDCC.  See the WSDCC website for a full listing  and description of the resolutions


WSDCC Events Upcoming:

I’ve been asked to join a panel of non-partisan elected officials during the WSDCC Grassroots Forum training sessions being held from 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at St. Martin’s College in Lacey, Monday February 18 (President’s Day).  My panel is on the agenda for 2:15 p.m. For those interested.

As many of you know, is a great event being held later that evening at the same location – the Annual WSDCC Crab Feed.  Doors open for that at 5:00 p.m.  This is one event you should not miss!  Fresh crab is served with all the accoutrements – and the event features a LOT of state and national electeds.  This will be a good year to attend.

The next WSDCC Membership meeting will be held April 26-27, at the Campbell Resort in Chelan, Washington.


WSDCC Executive Committee Highlights:

Cost Management: The WSDCC Office will be re-organized with some staff reduction and cost-cutting efforts that are being considered.

Maggie Awards – The  WSDCC is considering canceling at least one year of the Maggie awards.

The 2013 budget was moved to be approved to be forward to the central committee.

A lot of time was devoted to planning WSDCC meetings and events.  In a two year cycle, typically meetings are held in January and September. During the first year there is a April and a convention the second year. Of the three meetings per year two are in western Washington and one in Eastern.

The next WSDCC Membership meeting is set for April 26-27, at the Campbell resort in Chelan,Washington.  The September 2013 proposed meeting is at Ocean Shores, with Bellingham as a back up.

Motion was made to hold the 2014 convention in Wenatchee with a back up in Spokane. The state committee meetings will be in Vancouver and Bellingham. The Bellingham meeting may be at the Lummi casino.

Discussed and passed having the 2016 convention in Tacoma.

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