E-board meeting agenda: 3/7/2013

11th LD e-Board Agenda
March 6, 2013
7:00 pm Arrival to Renton Carpenters Hall
7:05 Timeline: newsletter, minutes. Notice dates for meetings.
7:15 11th LD Calendar for next 3 months (6 if we get ambitious)
Meeting topics/speakers
Endorsement meetings
7:40 General meeting
Basic Robert’s Rules
Raffle rules
Promotion of meetings: who, how, when
8:00 Hospitality Team
How often, who, how to organize
8:10 Proposed Bylaw Changes
8:25 South Seattle Mayoral Candidate Forum – sponsored by 11, 34, & 37 LDs
Monday, April 29 at South Seattle CC Georgetown Campus
Need to ask for up to $150 from LD
Any interest in volunteering?
8:30 Committee Updates
8:40 Agenda for next general meeting
8:45 Adjourn

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