Lucha libre sport or art? Lawmakers may decide

Zack Hudgins helped work on something pretty cool for the community.

RENTON, Wash. — “Huah!” Boom. “Huah!” Boom.

One by one, the wrestlers charge across a ring toward a broad man in a silver mask wearing a gray shirt tucked into gray track pants. Just as he’s about to get bowled over, he leaps over each oncoming attacker in a single bound, his legs kicking swiftly to each side (imagine Chuck Norris in a movie adaptation of the arcade hit “Frogger”). With each rapid-fire jump, he bellows, then lands with an impressive boom that makes the whole ring quake.

“Huah!” Boom. “Huah!” Boom.

It’s just another evening practice at Lucha Libre Volcánica, the Pacific Northwest’s only Mexican-style wrestling school, where acrobatic moves, colorful masks, spandex pants and names such as El Fénix and El Sonico are ordinario.

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