KCDCC Disabilities Committee Reorg & Cannabis Issues Meeting

From the The KCDCC Disabilities Committee:

We are having our first reorganization meeting on Monday, January 30th at 7:00PM, Couth Buzzard Bookstore, 8310 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, Washington, 98103. Please come prepared to purchase a snack or beverage to support our venue. If you cannot do so, please come anyway.

Updates on our cannabis patient advocacy struggle against wreck store (spelled correctly) price gouging currently hurting and sometimes killing countless disAbled Washingtonians will be given, with specific tactics and strategy outlined and discussed and organizing will be done to further the work. We will also be electing Committee Officers:

These Committee Positions Are Open and Needed as Follows—you do not have to be a member of the Committee on disAbilities to run!

Secretary: Well, we really hope someone runs for Secretary because we really need one. You all know what a Secretary does and how valuable they are.

Guardianship Rights Coordinator: This is a new position. Michael Brunson will be running for this position. Anyone else who would like to run for this position may also do so.

Accommodations Officer: A new position in charge of responding to requests for accessibility advice from Democratic organizations and Campaigns who request help in creating accessible space for events and also responsible for seeing to it that individuals within the Democratic Party requiring disAbility accommodations receive the accommodations which they need. Training will be provided.

To vote in this reorg meeting or in any disAbilities Committee meeting you must be a declared Democrat living inside King County who has already attended at least one meeting of the Committee on disAbilities. Observers are welcome!

For more information about the positions, please call Ginamarie Emanuel at 206-632-2868.

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