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Mar 01

Top Democrats refuse to schedule votes on Family and Medical Leave, Sick Days

Legislators are dragging their heels on two bills that will help rebuild Washington’s middle class and save tax dollars. What gives? Two top Democrats, chairs of the House Finance and House AppropriationsCommittees, are refusing to schedule votes on the Family and Medical Leave Insurance (HB 1457) and Paid Sick Days (HB 1313) bills in front of their respective …

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Feb 05

Martha Koester testified in front of the WA State Health Care Wellness Committee

Martha Koester, a former Chair of the 11th LD, testified in front of the WA State Health Care Wellness Committee on February 1st, 2013. The WA State Health Care Wellness Committee, with all 9 Democrat and 3 of 8 Republican Representatives attending, listened to public testimony concerning House Bill 1085. The SB 5224 is the …

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Jan 22

The 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade and the freedom and privacy

From NARAL Washington: Today we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade and the freedom and privacy it guaranteed women to make reproductive health decisions for themselves and their families. But 40 years haven’t stopped anti-choice zealots from trying to call the shots on women’s health. In fact, they are in Olympia right now …

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Jan 17

Senior Lobby Day – February 21st

Senior Lobby Day, February 21st Commercial bus – with bathroom- donated by IAM Lunch provided $15 per person   Contact Robin G. for more information and to reserve a space. (206) 762-3848

Nov 30

AFGE request: Take action to support Soc. Sec., Medicare & Medicaid, December 5th

On Wednesday, December 5th, AFGE Local 3937 will lead actions statewide  to support Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. The locations and times are below. The message will be: –    No cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid, including cost of living adjustments –     No more office closings, reduced service hours, pushing of Internet self-service, or staffing cuts …

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Nov 26

PSARA:Nov. 28 call Congress-No Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security

Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action: Uniting Generations for a Secure Future Tuesday, November 28, President Jeff Johnson of the WA State Labor Council, AFL-CIO will be in D.C. He will be urging our Congressional delegation not to support any “grand compromise” that cuts Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. Jeff has asked us to to …

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Oct 26

HCFA-WA 2012 Annual Meeting

HCFA-WA 2012 Annual Meeting Saturday, November 17th Horizon House Performance Hall 900 University St. • Seattle WA Featured Speakers Rep. Sherry Appleton 23rd LD, prime sponsor of Washington Health Security Trust and David Hanig retired Senior Policy Analyst, Wash. Senate Democratic Caucus “Getting from the Exchange to Universal Health Care”

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Jan 19

Important Day for Women’s Health

From NARAL: Today in Olympia, the House and Senate health care committees are holding hearings on the Reproductive Parity Act (HB 2330/SB 6185), exciting new legislation that will require all health insurance policies sold in the state that cover maternity care to cover abortion care. All women, regardless of income, deserve equal access to health insurance …

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Dec 14

PNHPWW December Monthly Meeting Agenda

Hello PNHPWW Members and Supporters Please find attached the agenda for our PNHPWW December Monthly Meeting, to be held on Wednesday, Dec 21st, 7PM, at the Swedish/Cherry Hill Campus Conference Center Auditorium (directions).

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Sep 12

Seattle City Council Passes Paid Sick Leave

From the Slog: This afternoon, after months of debate and despite continuing hesitancy from some council members, the Seattle City Council voted eight to one in favor of passing an amended ordinance that will empower Seattle employees to begin earning paid sick time off, starting September 1, 2012. Council president Richard Conlin voted against the legislation. “Today …

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Sep 08

Sick Leave – Industry Lobbies Are Trying Four Tactics to Undermine a Bill Designed to Help Seattle Workers

From the Slog: On Monday, September 12, the Seattle City Council is slated to vote on legislation that would require all Seattle employers to offer up to 72 hours of annual paid sick leave to the 190,000 full-time workers in the city who currently lack that benefit. Not only useful when they’re ill, a worker …

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Jul 09

Paid sick leave in Seattle

A while back, the 11th LD Dems voted to endorse a resolution that would create paid sick leave for employees in Seattle.  I’d just like to do a little follow up… and actions like ours apparently make a difference. On Wednesday, July 6th, parts of the Seattle City Council were taking public comment on this. …

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Jun 04

Save Our Medicare

The Washington State Democrats just launched a new website: Republicans are sacrificing Medicare and the middle and lower classes for tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. That’s why everyday Americans disapprove of the Republican budget plan and its policies that will end Medicare as we know it. Republicans are paying the price for their policies …

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May 24

Medical Marijuana Bill is dead

As you may remember, our former-late KCDCC committeeman, Dennis Moyers (2009_06_June newsletter), was an advocate for medical marijuana.  He worked hard to try to make progress in this area.  It’s sad to see the way things have turned out… From the Slog: The sponsor of a second medical-marijuana bill, Sen Jeanne Kohl-Welles, throws in the …

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May 06

McKenna Mimics Walker On Paid Sick Leave

From the Slog: Speaking to the Seattle Restaurant Alliance this week, as reported on the Washington Restaurant Association’s own website, the state Attorney General even offered his office’s assistance in opposing Seattle’s proposed paid sick leave proposal: [Y]ou’ve certainly got your work cut out for you in Olympia, not to mention in Seattle now with this …

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