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e-board meeting agenda update

The 7/7 e-board meeting agenda has been posted.  It can be found here:

Seattle Pride Parade

I’m taking a little bit of personal privilege here…  This year, I walked with the King County Democrats group at the Pride Parade in Seattle in June 2011.  Ann Martin organized the group.  In any case, I walked with the group and photographed the parade from the Dems perspective.  In these shots, there are some …

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2011 Endorsements – Correction

Our apologies… Sherry Carr was not endorsed.  Our endorsement list has been updated to correct for this.

2011 Endorsements

11th District Democrats Election Candidate Endorsements as of September 21, 2011 The following candidates were endorsed by the body of the 11th Legislative District Democrats at our regular monthly meetings.  Candidates not endorsed are not listed.  The minimum required to endorse is two-thirds of those participating and present during the vote of the individual candidate.  If …

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Public Opinion Data

Want to know what people are thinking? Sign up for these newsletters: Anzalone Liszt – a weekly email summarizing national polling on issues that affect political campaigns Site: Sign Up:

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Kate Kruller is running for Tukwila City Council

Last Friday, June 10, Kate Kruller (Former Chair of the 11th Legislative District Democrats; current WSDCC State Committee Woman for the 11th Legislative District Democrats), filed to run for Tukwila City Council – Position 6.  The office is an open seat.  Stay tuned for updates.

DNC response to the Republican debate

McKenna Blames Washington’s Budget Woes on State Workers

From the Slog: Conveniently ignoring the past two biennial budgets filled with pay cuts, givebacks, layoffs and unpaid furloughs, McKenna caused his audience to literally gasp and groan with horror via his tales of state workers getting five percent annual pay increases year-after-year as the rest of us suffered. It’ll take me some time to fact …

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34th LD Democrats Endorsements

Just a FYI, the 34th LD Democrats gave a bunch of endorsements last night:

Elwha River Restoration

Larry Grubb and Jim Flynn took a visit to the Elwha River Dam this week.  They made a Youtube video of the experience.   From Jim:

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34th District Democrats host City Council candidates’ forum

From the West Seattle Blog:   Campaign season is under way. Two Seattle City Council candidates were at Tuesday night’sAdmiral Neighborhood Association meeting – Position 1 candidate Michael Taylor-Judd and Position 9 candidate Dian Ferguson – and last night, one dozen candidates appeared before our area’s biggest political organization, the 34th District Democrats. Our video shows …

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Dian Ferguson’s website is live!

Dian Ferguson is running for Seattle City Council, position 9.  Her campaign website just went live.  Check it out here: She is running against incumbent Sally Clark (

2012 Delegate Selection Plan

Yesterday, the WSDCC passed the 2012 Caucus Plan. Here are the relevant information that everyone should know. Although we will possibly be in new districts in 2012, the plan will use the current districts. So, if you reside in the 1st CD today, but in the 10th in 2012, you will still caucus with the …

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News from Congressman Adam Smith

For those of you in the 9th Congressional District part of the 11th LD: Smith Supports Access to Healthcare With the passage of the budget following extensive negotiations, disagreements over access to healthcare continue to be a sticking point in the House of Representatives. Following a vote on the budget, the House took up two …

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April General Meeting Summary

The April meeting is over and it was another exciting event.  

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