Representatives Hudgins, Rolfes & Upthegrove talk Oil Spill Prevention and Cleanup

11th LD – Bob Hasegawa town hall meeting

District 11 – Rep. Hasegawa

March 12th, 2011

10:00 (coffee and donuts) 10:30 (town hall) at the Georgetown Campus of South Seattle Community College, meeting rooms C110/C111 (6737 Corson Ave South)

How can women change the world? Run for public office!

Velma Veloria—former state representative from the 11th LD invites you to a workshop at US 3/12/2011


With high-profile women in the news and record-breaking numbers of women on the 2010 ballots, we might think that we have arrived.  Think again!  While women are about 51 percent of the U.S. population, they make up just 17 percent in the U.S. Congress.  The Inter-Parliamentary Union reports that the United States is currently ranking 72th in the world for the percentage of women in Congress.

Join women from public and private sectors in strategic discussions and action for positive change.

Date: Saturday, March 12, 2011
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Place:  University of Washington Women’s Center, Cunningham Hall on 15th Ave/41st Avenue, Seattle, WA

Fee:  FREE!!

For More Info:  Velma Veloria
Alice Coil
Dr. Sutapa Basu
U.W. Women’s Center

PNHPWW March Monthly Meeting

March 16, 2011
What next for health care? Defend what we have, and push for what we want.

Physicians for a National Health Program
meets at:
Swedish/Cherry Hill Campus
James Conference Center Room B

Larry Grubb’s Birthday Party

March 31, 2011
Larry Grubb’s birthday party! (Not saying which one)
Help put the ― party! back into the Democratic Party
7-9pm at
Mick Kelly’s
435 SW 152nd St
Burien, WA 98166
(206) 246-2473

King County Democratic Central Committee Meeting – March

March 22, 2011
King County Democratic Central Committee
7:00PM at Renton Carpenters Hall

General Membership Meeting – March

Corned beef and cabbage St. Patrick’s Day dinner at the break for just $6.00. Service starts at 8PM. I’ll be making up a batch of Emerald Green Ruin in honor of the occasion.  No ethanol due to the business meeting afterwards — just whatever ingredients the imagination of a retired chemist might suggest.

We will have a presentation on Rep. Bob Hasegawa’s proposal for a State Bank of Washington.  Gabriela Quintana will present a resolution on requiring mandatory sick days in the city of Seattle, and John Fox, long-time low income housing advocate, will present a resolution mandating retention of low income units during the redevelopment of Yesler Terrace.

Meeting after the meeting

Does the break seem too short to finish conversations with people you meet? People who don’t have to get up early and don’t have other places to be right away adjourn to The Rock Restaurant at the Renton Landing to knock back a few. To get to The Rock at 830 N 10th St, just go north on Burnett Ave, turn left on 4th St and then right onto Logan Ave. Turn right at 10th St, and the restaurant is on the left side of the street.

Newletter – March 2011

The newsletter March 2011 has been posted.  View it here: 2011_03_March

11thLDDems on Twitter

Hey all, we’re now on Twitter. @11thLDDems

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

To recognize St. Patricks Day, we’ll be provided a warm meal for our members coming to the March 15th Meeting.

Baked Corned Beef brisket served with special red potatoes and peppers and a side of blanched red and green cabbage flavored with black peppercorns and white onions.

RSVP is requested so we can make sure there is enough to go around. Suggested donation is $6.00!!! Please RSVP with Marvin ( so he can get a headcount.

Bring friends and fellow Democrats… heck… bring Republicans too.

Special Election Alert: King Conservation District Elections

Special Election Alert: voting deadline March 15, 2011
KING CONSERVATION DISTRICT ELECTIONSThe King Conservation District encompasses most of King County and had a budget of about $6.5  million last year to spend on conservation issues. Additional funds are allocated as grants. Every year they hold an election for one position.

The election however does not occur through King County Elections and most voters in King County can vote but they will not receive notice of the election or a ballot in the mail. For that reason we are trying to help get the word out on this unusual election that few voters know about.
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Resolution Recognizing that Assuring a Minimum Standard of Paid Sick Days for All Employees Will Improve Public Health, Economic Security and Business Prosperity

11th LD Democrats Resolution 2011-01
Resolution Recognizing that Assuring a Minimum Standard of Paid Sick Days for All Employees Will Improve Public Health, Economic Security and Business Prosperity. Given that four in ten workers in Seattle have no access to paid sick leave and that this constitutes a health hazard for their coworkers and the public,the resolution asks that we support establishing minimum standards  of paid sick and safe days covering all employees working within the Seattle city limits in order to make Seattle a healthier place to live, work and raise a family.

2011-1 Resolution in support of Seattle paid sick days

Please discuss via comments.


Resolution on the Seattle Housing Authority Redevelopment of the Yesler Terrace Public Housing Project.

11th LD Democrats Resolution 2011-03
Resolution on the Seattle Housing Authority Redevelopment of the Yesler Terrace Public Housing Project.  Given that there are some 30,000 households in Seattle with incomes at or below 30% of the area’s median income, or about $23,150 for a three-person household, but only 310 unsubsidized rental units in all of King County offered at rents affordable to that group, the resolution asks that Seattle Housing Authoritycommit to 100% on-site replacement of all 561 public housing units being removed, and make available, to households at or below 30% of median income, a minimum of 561 of those units or 20% of the total constructed there, whichever is greater.

2011-3 Resolution on Yesler Terrace

Please discuss via comments.

Broadband… a Democratic issue?

I hope you don’t mind that I’m taking a little bit of time (and space) to talk about a technology issue. As a newer member of the 11th LD, I can honestly say technology issues aren’t usually mentioned a whole lot. Nevertheless, there are technology issues that certainly affect our society.

Look at what happened in Egypt. I’ve heard the revolution that recently occurred there being referred to as “The Facebook Revolution”. People organized, protested, and overthrew an oppressive government because they had access to technology that enabled the people of Egypt to communicate and organize. The people wanted reform, they want a Democratic form of government. After the ashes settle, they just might get that.

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Active Bit O’Green

By Jim Flynn PCO RNT 11-0502

King County Democrats will be showin a bit o’green Thursday, March seventeenth to show pride in the life of Saint Patrick (c 387-493). He is certainly proud of us.

Named Maewyn, he was born to a wealthy family in Britain where success in the agricultural economy was based on the Roman patron-client relationship system of social control. His father received substantial tax relief because of his position as deacon in the Christian church. The Roman Governor, a paternal protector and benefactor, formed alliances with selective clients and offered financial assistance and legal protection at the expense of the exploited lower class. The Roman writer Tacitus tells us the people of Britain, more than a century before the empire evolved into a Christian state, “…were seduced into alluring vices: pillared halls, baths and choice banquets. The simple natives gave the name of „culture‟ to this aspect of their slavery” (Agricola 21).