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Top Democrats refuse to schedule votes on Family and Medical Leave, Sick Days

Legislators are dragging their heels on two bills that will help rebuild Washington’s middle class and save tax dollars. What gives? Two top Democrats, chairs of the House Finance and House AppropriationsCommittees, are refusing to schedule votes on the Family and Medical Leave Insurance (HB 1457) and Paid Sick Days (HB 1313) bills in front of their respective …

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Martha Koester testified in front of the WA State Health Care Wellness Committee

Martha Koester, a former Chair of the 11th LD, testified in front of the WA State Health Care Wellness Committee on February 1st, 2013. The WA State Health Care Wellness Committee, with all 9 Democrat and 3 of 8 Republican Representatives attending, listened to public testimony concerning House Bill 1085. The SB 5224 is the …

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HCFA-WA 2012 Annual Meeting

HCFA-WA 2012 Annual Meeting Saturday, November 17th Horizon House Performance Hall 900 University St. • Seattle WA Featured Speakers Rep. Sherry Appleton 23rd LD, prime sponsor of Washington Health Security Trust and David Hanig retired Senior Policy Analyst, Wash. Senate Democratic Caucus “Getting from the Exchange to Universal Health Care”

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McKenna Mimics Walker On Paid Sick Leave

From the Slog:  http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archives/2011/05/06/mckenna-mimics-walker-on-paid-sick-leave Speaking to the Seattle Restaurant Alliance this week, as reported on the Washington Restaurant Association’s own website, the state Attorney General even offered his office’s assistance in opposing Seattle’s proposed paid sick leave proposal: [Y]ou’ve certainly got your work cut out for you in Olympia, not to mention in Seattle now with this …

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What Planned Parenthood Actually Does…

From the Washington Post (Ezra Klein): With Planned Parenthood being either the major obstacle to a budget deal or one of the major obstacles to a budget deal, it’s worth taking a minute explaining what they do — and what they don’t do. As you can see in the chart atop this post, abortion services …

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PNHPWW March Monthly Meeting

March 16, 2011 What next for health care? Defend what we have, and push for what we want. Physicians for a National Health Program meets at: 7:00PM Swedish/Cherry Hill Campus James Conference Center Room B http://www.pnhpwesternwashington.org/