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Paid sick leave in Seattle

A while back, the 11th LD Dems voted to endorse a resolution that would create paid sick leave for employees in Seattle.  I’d just like to do a little follow up… and actions like ours apparently make a difference. On Wednesday, July 6th, parts of the Seattle City Council were taking public comment on this. …

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McKenna Mimics Walker On Paid Sick Leave

From the Slog:  http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archives/2011/05/06/mckenna-mimics-walker-on-paid-sick-leave Speaking to the Seattle Restaurant Alliance this week, as reported on the Washington Restaurant Association’s own website, the state Attorney General even offered his office’s assistance in opposing Seattle’s proposed paid sick leave proposal: [Y]ou’ve certainly got your work cut out for you in Olympia, not to mention in Seattle now with this …

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