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Accurately Summarizing Rob McKenna’s Lousy Month

From Publicola: DC political site Politico says Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee won the month of July, accurately summarizing Rob McKenna’s lousy month: Tweetgate, Essex Portergate (or should we say gait), and the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling, which went against cocky plaintiff McKenna and led to sometortured exchanges with the press. Politico says the next test is who wins …

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McKenna Blames Washington’s Budget Woes on State Workers

From the Slog: Conveniently ignoring the past two biennial budgets filled with pay cuts, givebacks, layoffs and unpaid furloughs, McKenna caused his audience to literally gasp and groan with horror via his tales of state workers getting five percent annual pay increases year-after-year as the rest of us suffered. It’ll take me some time to fact …

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McKenna Mimics Walker On Paid Sick Leave

From the Slog:  http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archives/2011/05/06/mckenna-mimics-walker-on-paid-sick-leave Speaking to the Seattle Restaurant Alliance this week, as reported on the Washington Restaurant Association’s own website, the state Attorney General even offered his office’s assistance in opposing Seattle’s proposed paid sick leave proposal: [Y]ou’ve certainly got your work cut out for you in Olympia, not to mention in Seattle now with this …

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