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Time to Become a PCO!

So You Want to be a PCO? We’ve got the guide for you! Download the PDF Download to Share the PNG Maybe you don’t want to be a PCO, but you know somebody who would be great at it? Share this post on social media, email them the PDF, or download the image (PNG). Let’s …

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KCDCC Disabilities Committee Reorg & Cannabis Issues Meeting

From the The KCDCC Disabilities Committee: We are having our first reorganization meeting on Monday, January 30th at 7:00PM, Couth Buzzard Bookstore, 8310 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, Washington, 98103. Please come prepared to purchase a snack or beverage to support our venue. If you cannot do so, please come anyway. Updates on our cannabis patient …

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Endorsements – General Election 2013

Our downloadable, printable list is located here: 11th LD 2013 Endorsements 10152013 11th Legislative District Democrats – Endorsements 2013 (updated 10/15/2013) City of Seattle Mayor: Mike McGinn ( Mayor: Ed Murray ( Council Position 2: Richard Conlin ( Council Position 4: Sally Bagshaw ( Council Position 6: Nick Licata ( Council Position 8: Mike O’Brien ( …

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King County Elections needs observers for the General Election

Calling all King County residing Democrats! We are looking for volunteers to guard our democracy & serve as Ballot Processing Observers for this general election! Come and see your vote be counted and all the processes involved in protecting the integrity of our elections. Please click on the link below to the on-line calendar and sing-up for both …

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Primary Elections Results – 2013

King County Elections just posted their final elections results for the primary.  340,236 ballots were counted.  1,187,888 registered voters were eligible to vote. Here is King County’s page: Here are the results based on the candidates / campaigns / positions we endorsed: City of Seattle Mayor: Bruce Harrell ( (does not advance to the general …

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King County Elections needs observers!

Calling all King County residing democrats,   Do you know what goes on behind the scenes in the elections office? Or do you think it’s magic that all the ballots, including yours, gets counted after you return it? Want to know more? Here is your opportunity to volunteer to be the King County Democratic Party’s official …

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Primary election ballots are in the mail!

The ballots for the primary election have been mailed today.  Here’s time timeline for this election: July 17:  Primary ballots mailed July 18:  Ballot drop boxes open July 29:  Deadline for in-person voter registration August 6:  Primary Election

Seattle School Board candidates

KUOW posted a nice guide to the candidates for the Seattle School Board.  We didn’t endorse any Seattle School Board candidates for the primary.  Here’s the link… check them out and become an informed voter:

Neighbors Aim To Improve Broadband in Underserved Neighborhoods

I don’t often get on my soapbox and use my position as webmaster to advocate for tech issues, but this is one you should be concerned about.  Seattle has a pretty terrible broadband internet issue that other major cities seem to lack.  The city is divided up into various franchise areas where the cable companies …

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The Alarming Truths About GMO

Since I’m sure we’ll be discussing initiative I-522 soon: More info here: Here’s info about the initiative to label GMO foods:

Top Democrats refuse to schedule votes on Family and Medical Leave, Sick Days

Legislators are dragging their heels on two bills that will help rebuild Washington’s middle class and save tax dollars. What gives? Two top Democrats, chairs of the House Finance and House AppropriationsCommittees, are refusing to schedule votes on the Family and Medical Leave Insurance (HB 1457) and Paid Sick Days (HB 1313) bills in front of their respective …

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What will happen to Washington state if the sequester happens?

The White House has released reports on what will happen to the states if the sequester happens. If sequestration were to take effect, some examples of the impacts on Washington this year alone are: ¾ Teachers and Schools: Washington will lose approximately $11,606,000 in funding for primary and secondary education, putting around 160 teacher and aide …

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Support of SB 5731

Barbara Crider was kind enough to share a letter that she sent to Bob Hasegawa about SB 5731.  The purpose of this bill is “Allowing beer and/or wine specialty shop licensees to sell craft distillery products.”  The text of the bill can be found here: If you have an opinion on this issue, contact …

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Martha Koester testified in front of the WA State Health Care Wellness Committee

Martha Koester, a former Chair of the 11th LD, testified in front of the WA State Health Care Wellness Committee on February 1st, 2013. The WA State Health Care Wellness Committee, with all 9 Democrat and 3 of 8 Republican Representatives attending, listened to public testimony concerning House Bill 1085. The SB 5224 is the …

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The 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade and the freedom and privacy

From NARAL Washington: Today we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade and the freedom and privacy it guaranteed women to make reproductive health decisions for themselves and their families. But 40 years haven’t stopped anti-choice zealots from trying to call the shots on women’s health. In fact, they are in Olympia right now …

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