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Newsletter – November 2011

The November 2011 newsletter can be found here:  2011_11_November

King County Democrats October Newsletter

King County Democrats just posted their newsletter.  It has a pretty big list of events and their endorsements list.  Most of them occur outside of the 11th LD boundaries, but you may be interested in some.  You can view both here:  newsletter

Newsletter – October 2011

The October 2011 newsletter can be found here: 2011_10-October

Newsletter – September 2011

The September 2011 newsletter can be found here: 2011_09_September

Newsletter – August 2011

The August 2011 newsletter can be found here:  2011_08_August

Newsletter – July 2011 – Correction

The newsletter for July has been updated with a correction.  Tim Burgess was endorsed by our organization.  2011_07-July

Newsletter – Margarita Prentice – June 2011

Margarita Prentice has published her End of Session Newsletter.  It can be viewed here:  http://www.sdc.wa.gov/senators/prentice/2011newsletter.pdf

Newsletter – June 2011

The newsletter for June 2011 has been posted. View it here: 2011_06_June

Newsletter – May 2011

The newsletter for May 2011 has been posted.  View it here:  2011_05_May

Senator Margarita Prentice Newsletter – 5/6/2011

Dear Friends and Neighbors: The second week of “Special Session” is almost complete.  Some good bills have passed and sent to the Governor.  Others are still being debated, reworked and the budget discussions continue. Robo calls and e-mails are still challenging the voice and e-mail systems. The most popular issues in random order are: foreclosure …

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Senator Margarita Prentice Newsletter – 4/15/2011

From Senator Prentice: Happy Spring, Daylight Savings time, and April Fools’ day! April 1st means there are 23 constitutional days remaining in the regular 2011 session.  The recent budget forecast predicts continued  declining revenues – $800 million less than expected – so the hardest work is still ahead.  You can try out your ideas to …

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Newsletter – April 2011

The newsletter for April 2011 has been posted.  View it here:  2011_04_April

Newletter – March 2011

The newsletter March 2011 has been posted.  View it here: 2011_03_March

Newsletter – February 2011

The newsletter for February 2011 has been posted.  View it here:  2011_02_February

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