Special Election Alert: King Conservation District Elections

Special Election Alert: voting deadline March 15, 2011
KING CONSERVATION DISTRICT ELECTIONSThe King Conservation District encompasses most of King County and had a budget of about $6.5  million last year to spend on conservation issues. Additional funds are allocated as grants. Every year they hold an election for one position.

The election however does not occur through King County Elections and most voters in King County can vote but they will not receive notice of the election or a ballot in the mail. For that reason we are trying to help get the word out on this unusual election that few voters know about.

Vote totals in the past have been small as only a few thousand people voting. Only 4232 King County voters voted last year, splitting the vote among 5 candidates.
Please review the candidates forthis year’s election and vote. This is truly an election where your vote can make a difference.

The King Conservation District  recently began their 2011 public election process for Board of Supervisor position #2, with four candidates running.  The King County Democratic Central Committee at its February meeting, asked Endorsement Chair Karl de Jong to research all four candidates. This research is presented below, and is a collection of publicly available information and information obtained by Karl through personal interviews with the candidates.

Newsletter Editor Omaha Sternberg adds the following comments based on currently available information. Additional highlighting by Steve Zemke – King County Democrats Chair.”Though this information was obtained at the request of the executive Board of the King County Democrats, NONE OF THIS INFORMATION SHOULD BE TAKEN AS AN OFFICIAL ENDORSEMENT BY THE KING COUNTY DEMOCRATS OR A PERSONAL ENDORSEMENT BY KARL DE JONG. THIS INFORMATION IS STRICTLY FOR YOUR BENEFIT WHEN VOTING.

Note: None of the candidates have sought the endorsement of the KCDCC.”

One candidate received a single early endorsement from the Washington
Conservation Voters (WCV) before all the candidates had filed. WCV endorsed before theFebruary 1st filing deadline. As a result they did not consider all the candidates. Teri Herrera filed her candidacy after the WCV made an endorsement and as a result was not evaluated by the WCV. WCV did not consider candidates who declared post their endorsement.

KCDCC and WCV are not affiliated with each other and are their own separate

The four candidates are:

1. Douglas Bruce Elliott: owner of “Elliot Farm and Livestock” in Kent. He caucused as a Republican in the last Presidential election and is self-identified as a “Strong Republican.” He is a contributor to the WA St Republican Party, the KCRCC, the 33rd District Republican Committee, the WA St Farm Bureau PAC, Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights, Dino Rossi, Reagan Dunn, and Joe Fain. In 2009 he was the treasurer of the King-Pierce County Farm Bureau. He is running on balancing good environmental science and property rights. He was recently endorsed by the King County Republicans for the King Conservation District race.

2. Teri Herrera: owner of “Herrera Real Estate Group” and a 15-acre equestrian farm in Redmond. She caucused as a Democrat in the last Presidential election and is self-identified as a “Strong Democrat.” She is a contributor to the Realtors PAC, and to Roger Goodman. As a member of the KCD Citizens’ Advisory Committee she is seeking improved partnerships among its stakeholders. She ran in 2010 and lost to Max Prindle in a 4 way race..

3. Eric K. Nelson: manages Cherry Valley Dairy in Duvall. He did not caucus but did vote in the Primary and General, is self-identified as an “Independent” and contributed to Barbara Heavey. He is a Commissioner in  District 6 and former King County Agriculture Program Manager.

4. Preston F. Prudente: Director of Administration at Moss Adams LLP in Seattle and lives in Sammamish did not caucus but did vote in the Primary and General, is self-identified as a “Leaning Republican.” He is running on bringing efficiencies to the KCD.

You can read the candidates own statements as posted on the King Conservation District website at:http://www.kingcd.org/new_ele_candidates-2011.htm

There are two ways to vote in the King Conservation District election:
On-line voting: February 15, (starting at 9 am) – March 15 (ending at 9 pm)
In-person voting: March 15, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm (one day only)
You must be registered to vote in King County (excluding residents of cities that are not members of the King Conservation District: Enumclaw, Federal Way, Milton, Pacific and Skykomish).Please note the deadline is March 15th to complete the voting process!

On-line voting requires a voter to have access to an email account and internet connectivity. Note that more than one voter can use the same email address.

Step 1 – You must confirm voter eligibility by obtaining a Voter Application Form from the KCD site  at http://www.kingcd.org/. Print, sign and submit this form by email (scanned copy), fax or US mail. Voter applications submitted by US mail should be postmarked no later than March 11 to complete the process.

Step 2 – Vote On-line: Once your eligibility is confirmed, a personal identification number (PIN) will be issued by email with complete online voting access information.

Alternatively, you may vote in-person on March 15, 2011 between the hours of 9:00 am – 9:00 pm at the King Conservation District office: 1107 SW Grady Way, Suite 130, Renton, WA 98057 (across the parking lot from the former King County elections building). In-person voters should bring proper identification.

You can read more about this procedure by going to the King Conservation District website at http://www.kingcd.org/new_ele.htm

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