Week of solidarity events planned for April 2-8

Week of solidarity events planned for April 2-8
On Wednesday, the Wisconsin Republicans separated the state employee collective bargaining bill from its budget component and passed the policy bill which eliminates collective bargaining rights for most state employees; the Idaho legislature passed a bill eviscerating collective bargaining rights for public school employees; and Michigan passed a bill that allows the Governor to declare a financial emergency in any municipality, bypass the city’s elected representatives and appoint a private employer to manage the city’s services.

Now, workers everywhere are rising up to say “NO!” We will not let you take away our rights — not in Wisconsin, not in our state and not in our country! Show us the sacrifice that the bankers and the corporations and the billionaires will make!

The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, is working with our affiliates and our progressive community allies to put together a week of action starting on April 2 and ending on April 8 to raise our voices in solidarity with workers around the country. We will add details as they are developed.

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