It Isn’t Written by Jim Flynn

Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) described a process of reading text called deconstruction.  Part of the procedure maintains, what the wording doesn’t say reveals more about its meaning than what is written.  Jacques’ critics maintain that his philosophy weakens the division between truth and falsehood.

When modern journalism is taken into consideration, that distinction between truth and

falsehood has long been lost, often in what is not said.  The most glaring example is in recent journalistic attempts to win the argument about President Obama’s Jobs Bill.

When reading about the bill, you find it will create jobs, help put thirty-five thousand teachers back to work, Create a Bridge to Work program that will help small business train and employ thousands of new employees, and spend billions refurbishing deteriorating school buildings.  These are only a few views of the bill as presented by the pro side.

On the con side, the Republicons that is, where we often hear, “Not No, HELL NO,” we will lose jobs, add to the deficit or a dozen other non sequiturs that they think will help keep the black guy from Kenya getting  re-elected.

What you don’t read is anything about the bill itself.  We know there are trade agreements attached to it but why?  We were almost on the verge of changing NAFTA and GAFTA because it was hurting trade in America.  We don’t know what is in the new trade agreements.  When one of the 11th LD Dem members questioned Representative Adam Smith (D 9th CD) about it recently, he responded by mentioning they were good for labor unions because there were safeguards built in to protect labor.  Labor in Columbia that is. How will you monitor that?  How long will a grievance take in that country?  If the person filing the grievance disappears or is murdered, the usual fate of a worker who opposes the system, will the grievance be pursued? Meanwhile the American business and workers  take it in the shorts.

Thirty seven billion for updating school buildings

What we will have is a lot of crumbling school buildings with really nice heating and ventilation systems and efficient lighting.  Why not use the money to build new school buildings.  Make it on a scale like TVA, Grand Coulee or CCC from the FDR era.  Put people back to work now.

Bridge to Work

Are you kidding me.  When the bill passes, if you collect unemployment, you must work for free as long as you collect extended benefits.  No joke.  It is identical to the system in Georgia, where you may remember they have state sanctioned premeditated murder, as in executions.  With the Bridge to Work process, you work at a small business without pay.  You continue to receive your unemployment compensation for a certain number of weeks.  If you don’t work out after three weeks the business gets another sucker from Employment Security, and you get the green light.  If the boss likes you he can hire you.  Fat chance of that happening when he can get free labor from the state taxpayers.  Anything less would be unethical for a businessman trying to build net worth.

Jobs Bill

Looks more like a con-job bill to me.  Obama Democrats justify it by saying, “Well we wouldn’t have anything if he doesn’t make concessions.”  Others, including LaRouche Democrats, say the President has become completely deranged and must be removed from office before the world economy collapses.  More and more Democrats, especially the ones who belong to trade unions, work in the construction industry, for the state, or work for business that offer supplies and services to state and federal programs just wish he would get a backbone.  The 2012 election doesn’t offer much hope.  If no one writes about it, how can we evaluate Jacques Derrida’s system of Deconstruction?

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