Bobby Virk running for State Senate

Dr. Bobby Virk, 40, of Renton will run for the state Senate seat now held by retiring Sen. Margarita Prentice, who has endorsed Virk’s candidacy.

Prentice announced that she would not seek a sixth term in the Senate. Her decision follows the redrawing of the 11th Legislative District boundaries that put her West Hill home in the 37th District.

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  1. Hello Robert, I just noticed on the Slog in the comments that Virk does not live in the district, is that correct?I would hope we find someone who can run that actually lives in the district.I asked around and did a google it does appear he lives in Maple Valley in the 5 district.If Margarita had to not run then why should he.Sounds like he was first running in the 47, then when the 11 opened up, he moved over.Little nervous about all that.

    1. You’re more than welcome to ask about that at our next general meeting. I’m not sure what his current residential address is (google searches can bring up old results). The PDC’s website is down, but if you have a concern, look up his PDC filing when the website is back up:

      We haven’t issued any endorsements for that race yet, so throw your opinion in and let’s have a discussion.

    2. Hey Alex, I did a little research and asking around. As part of the census redistricting, Virk will be part of the 11th LD when the new boundary lines take hold. You can look up the lines yourself at the state’s redistricting website:

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