Monday, May 14th is the first day of filing week

May 10, 2012

Dear Democrat,

Monday, May 14th is the first day of filing week in Washington State. Between now and the filing deadline of Friday, May 18th you have a rare opportunity to stand for election as a Democratic Precinct Committee Officer (PCO).

PCOs are elected officials of the Democratic Party. They are the Democratic Party representative for their precinct and serve as the grassroots organizing base for all of our activities. PCOs are essential to Party work, because they personally communicate the Democratic Party message to people in each neighborhood across the state.

PCOs also hold the responsibility of electing the leadership of their local Democratic County and Legislative District Party organizations, as well as electing representatives to the State Democratic Party. Sometimes PCOs are called upon to vote in order to fill vacancies in partisan county and legislative offices.

To become an elected PCO, you must be voted into office during the Primary Election in even-numbered election years.
The next election of PCOs will be held on August 7, 2012.
You must fill out a declaration of candidacy to run for election as a PCO.

There are new rules for PCO elections in Washington this year:

• If only one candidate files, the candidate is deemed elected and the race does not appear on the ballot.

• If two or more candidates file, then the race appears on the Primary election ballot.

• To vote in a contested PCO race a voter will be required to make the following affirmation:

“For this office only: In order to vote for precinct committee officer, a partisan office, you must affirm that you are a Democrat or a Republican and may vote only for one candidate from the party you select. Your vote for a candidate affirms your affiliation with the same party as the candidate. This preference is private and will not be matched to your name or shared.”

Filing week for the August 2012 Primary Election is Monday, May 14th through Friday, May 18th. In order to be included on the August 2012 Primary Ballot you must file a declaration of candidacy during this time. In many cases these can be filled out online through your local County Auditor. Here is a link to all of the County Auditor’s offices in the state:

In some cases you might need to complete and submit a printed form. A version of this form is attached to this email for your use, but you should call your County Auditor to find out what procedure and which form they require.

The last day to file to run as a PCO and have your name placed on the
August 7th primary ballot is Friday, May 18 at 4:30pm (4pm in King County).

Your local party organization may have already contacted you about filing a declaration of candidacy for this position. In fact, they may have done this several times. If so, then consider this a friendly reminder that the party appreciates your efforts and needs your continued commitment.

I am writing today to ask you to stand again for election to this important position. Thank you again for your efforts and commitment to the party.


Dwight Pelz, Chair
Washington State Democrats

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